Splash Mountain Temporarily Closed at the Magic Kingdom After Guests are Evacuated from Sinking Ride Vehicle

UPDATE: As of 9:40 AM, the attraction has officially reopened at the Magic Kingdom.

After a series of photos and video surfaced of guests evacuating a sinking log aboard Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, the attraction has since remained temporarily closed this morning.

As of this morning, Splash Mountain was testing ride vehicles.

The My Disney Experience app has been updated to reflect the temporary closure. It’s unclear exactly what led to the submerging of the ride vehicle aboard the attraction last night, but we’ll make sure to update you as further information arises.

Splash Mountain has had its fair share of trouble this summer, as the fan-favorite log flume attraction has seen a series of issues since the reopening of the Magic Kingdom—from long lines at the gift shop, to guests being evacuated on official reopening day, and a short stint of unexpected downtime.

Have you been evacuated from Splash Mountain since the reopening of the Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments!

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1 month ago

Strange how the sudden problems with Splash Mountain coincides with Disney bowing to a certain group to close and redo one of its most popular rides…very sad…I see it backfiring… Disney risks alienating it’s most loyal supporters

1 month ago
Reply to  Tom

Are you saying the most loyal supporters are racist?

Sassy (Staci) Braun
Sassy (Staci) Braun
1 month ago

I think this is ridiculous how much these rides are not working right now! You spend 1,000 of dollars at this place then they can’t even get the rides to work correctly. So opening up so fast has been all sorts of problems here lately. Not worth it and I used to go every year 7 years straight ..

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