Construction Continues on Virgin Trains USA Brightline High-Speed Railway From Miami to Orlando

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Virgin Trains USA Brightline High-Speed Railway will soon provide a means of transportation from Miami to Orlando in 3 hours. It typically takes about 4 hours to drive between the two cities. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, construction on the railway has continued, with certain adjustments and precautions implemented.

Source: @GoBrightline on Twitter

The line will include a Walt Disney World Resort station in Orlando.

Once complete, the train will travel from Miami to Orlando International Airport. The tracks at MCO have already been laid.

To achieve the trip in under 3 hours, the Cocoa-Orlando line is proposed to operate at high speeds of up to 125 mph. From Miami to West Palm Beach, trains will reach speeds of up to 79 mph. From West Palm to Cocoa, it’s a maximum speed of 110 mph.

Stay tuned as we continue covering the ongoing construction of the Brightline high-speed railway!

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9 months ago

Im so excited. I cant wait to board the train early am, take a nap all the way up, and wake up minutes to the magic kingdom. !!! Just wondering if anyone has heard what tickets on the train from Miami will cost.

Capt. Tom
Capt. Tom
9 months ago

3 hours…. But people don’t live at the downtown Miami train station. Add time to get from your home by car, uber or mass transit. Then transfer your luggage to the train, oh and you will have to be at the station ahead of the scheduled departure time to check in and board. Then you are whisked away at 79 miles an hour briefly hitting 125 at some point drama and when you get there you’re at the airport. Eventually maybe you’re going to be at Disney. But now you have no car with you, so you have to take… Read more »

Harry Callahan
Harry Callahan
7 months ago
Reply to  Capt. Tom

Exactly. Mass transit is rarely competitive with personal car transportation on either a cost or time basis even with massive taxpayer funded subsidies. However, it is quite handy for enriching the politically well connected….