BREAKING: Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay Theme Parks All Currently Closed at Capacity

We anticipated heavy crowds as we entered into the long weekend for Labor Day, and we watched as additional queue space was set up around the Universal Orlando Resort theme parks during the week in preparation for guests.

It seems the additional measures were warranted, as all three Universal Orlando Resort theme parks: Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay, are now currently closed due to capacity.


Crowds were heavy as we got through the security checkpoints and made our way to Universal CityWalk Orlando.


At the time of publishing, we were able to enter into Universal Studios Florida, despite being at capacity, but we anticipate the park will try and stop guests from coming to the resort and park entry may be cut off for those who already arrived at any time.

Will you be trying to visit a Universal Orlando Resort theme park this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I don’t see a whole lot of social distancing in these pictures. But, I guess no one cares anymore.

  2. We are here currently and you can tell they are at capacity. Had we not bought express passes when we bought our tickets we would not have been able to ride anything. Even attempting to get food or drinks seems to have a very long line.

  3. The parks just can’t socially distance their guests there’s no way. And there’s no way I’m going if they can’t or won’t! People are fighting not to wear their masks and they continue to be defiant to do so. No thanks I’m waiting for a vaccine and see the numbers heading downwards in Florida!

  4. Having lived in Orlando for over 20 years we learned long ago that theme parks were not the place to be in the summer so universal must have seen this coming. I wonder how many more covid cases we’ll have by tomorrow.

  5. These people are covidiots, they need to stay home and stop acting like its Labor Day weekend 2019 and stay home.

  6. We visited for the first time and it was absolutely terrible! It took an hour and a half just to get inside the parking lot. Then we get to the park and are told only virtual lines are available but we weren’t even able to reserve a spot on anything. Then we were told to buy express passes, when we go to buy them, they were sold out! 2 hours in the park was a total waste of time. We were so enthusiastic only to be badly disappointed. The manager told us, they were still working on learning how to open with restrictions….. look to your neighbors at Disney World, they’ve got it right!

  7. Yes, going for my daughter’s 5th birthday in a few hours. Thanks for letting me know to get there early!

  8. It was a terrible experience and we have been going for years we are pass holders and will not be back

  9. You what they do they take your money selling seasonal passes and day sell daily tickets if the park gets full those people that both seasonal passes can not go inside the park because they sold out for the day you spend 3 hours at the line and when you get to the gate they won’t let you in. They talk to you the bad way is the worse experience I have coming the universal studios this year

  10. I would never visit any of the Florida theme parks between mid-APR and late NOV or during any holiday period, because of the crowds (and heat during the summer half of the year). I plan my trips in JAN/FEB, avoiding special events in the Orlando area like the Orlando Marathon.

    The last two years I bought a Florida resident weekday only pass to avoid those times while saving money. I’m too impatient for long lines. The pass is a great perk for state residents.

  11. Wowwww thats incredible but I will not be going I have to work etc. Stay safe everyone. God Bless

  12. I usually take my children every year to these parks but we won’t be visiting anymore until all of this germ mess has been taken care of, it sucks that we’ve had to cancel our family vacation there this year.

  13. Why would anybody in their right mind want to walk around these theme parks in the middle of summer with these stupid masks on…🤯

  14. I bought 5 Park to park tickets for my family dated for the 5th it was the worst experience I’ve ever encountered!! My children cried as we only got to ride the suess train and Harry Potter train the lines were shut down to virtual lines couldn’t get on anything!! I wasted over 900 dollars!! They gave nothing I even paid 36 dollars for parking for nothing! I will be writing a letter! Signed, very dissatisfied.

    1. Whaaaaaaaa boo hoo….just what did you expect during these times? Does your whole life revolve around if you can go to an amusement park? Get a life.

  15. Im travel to universal with a special promotion with any restriction and this trip was a real big mess they aren’t prepared for opening they don’t have control with the social distance they sell tikets without any measure we arrive to the park after traveling 4 hours and the park was closed they dont refund your money neither the hotel also I had to rent a car for all my family I bought 9 tikets and wen you called costumer service they told you “come back another day I don’t care if you travel 4 hours the park is closed” this is a real big mess and a fraud

  16. I went on Saturday and it was too crowed there were no social distancing, and it was too hot wearing a face mask. Also curtain rides were closed for instance THE FAST AND FURIOUS was closed.

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