PHOTOS: Walt Disney World Railroad Track Removed for Replacement at Fantasyland Station in the Magic Kingdom

The Walt Disney World Railroad has now been closed for almost two full years and is set to remain closed until 2021 due to the construction of TRON Lightcycle / Run. Though an exhibit featuring one of the trains had been operating at the Fantasyland Station prior to the park’s closure, the exhibit has not reopened with the rest of Magic Kingdom and was recently blocked from view by planters. When we visited the Fantasyland Station today, a portion of the railroad was still blocked by planters, but we could see that the track in this area had been removed.


The track previously ran where there is now just dark gravel.


The track has been removed from at least in front of the station heading into the construction site.


We previously saw new track installed around Tomorrowland to accommodate the new attraction.


It seems that the track either needs to be rerouted more in this area, or they decided to replace old portions of the track while construction continues.


It is still impossible to see directly in front of the Fantasyland Station with all the planters in place.


Do you miss the Walt Disney World Railroad? We can’t wait for it to reopen alongside TRON Lightcycle / Run next year.

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  1. I expect they’ll replace all the track. The original rail may no longer be available and using different rail on the same track can cause problems where they meet. They would also benefit by replacing the contaminated ballast stone. If they have the time and money replacing rail, cross ties and ballast after 50 years is the way to go.

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