PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 9/7/20 (Labor Day Weekend Crowds, New Posters in the Esplanade, and More!)


Disney California Adventure Entrance

PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 9/7/20 (Labor Day Weekend Crowds, New Posters in the Esplanade, and More!)


Disney California Adventure Entrance

PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 9/7/20 (Labor Day Weekend Crowds, New Posters in the Esplanade, and More!)

Happy Labor Day from Disneyland Resort! As we expected, this weekend was full of dense crowds and hour-long lines for parking, temperature screenings, food, and merchandise. Join us on our latest trip to Downtown Disney to see all the recent happenings and additions on property.

Arrival Process

Simba Parking Lot

Parking this weekend was a bit more fluid than the last few weekends. While there was still a line of cars sitting down Disneyland Drive, people were slowly shuffled into the Simba Parking lot in an orderly fashion.

DTD water cart

When walking towards temperature screenings, we noticed a beverage cart had been brought out to sell water to guests waiting in the heat.

DTD lines

While parking was less of a problem, temperature screenings were a different story. Today, we arrived around 6pm and waited about 25 minutes to enter Downtown Disney, which isn’t terrible.

DTD Parking

The line was significantly quieter than the day before. On Sunday, we came around the same time to see a much larger queue of people waiting; let’s take a look.

Crowds DTD

Most of the parking lot near the temperature screenings entrance was being used as an extended queue on Sunday.

Downtown Disney Lines

It was surprising to see this whole area empty today around the same time.

Downtown Disney crowds

Umbrellas were placed along the line for temperature screenings to add some much-needed shade for guests.

Downtown Disney District

Jazz Kitchen DL

Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen added two greenery walls to help block out the sun for guests dining on the outdoor patio. People were also using it to snap some fun pictures.

Downtown Disney crowds

The Disney Home Store had about an hour and a half wait.

DTD lines

This store seems to usually have one of the longer waits due to its lower in-store capacity.

Mouseware clips DL

Once we made it into the Home Store, we spotted this new set of bag clips from the recent “Mousewares” kitchen line.

Mouseware clips DL

Two of the clips are the once silver and blue Cinderella Castle, and a winking Minnie wearing a bright red bow.

Mouseware clips DL

Mickey and Sleeping Beauty Castle complete the set for $14.99.

Pin Trader DTD

Pin Traders does not use a virtual queue.

Pin Traders Line DTD

Just like the olden days, guests can stand in a physical line to wait.

Jamba Juice DTD

Jamba had no wait, as it usually doesn’t.

California Sole DTD

The newly opened California Sole Store also had no wait to enter.

California Sole DTD
California Sole DTD

The shop offers “some of California’s most iconic shoe and sandal brands.”

California Sole DTD

Not many people were looking for a fresh set of kicks tonight.

Sunglass Icon Sunglass Hut DTD

Sunglass Icon by Sunglass Hut had a few shoppers around 7:30pm.

DTD Crowds

One of the more significant challenges of coming to Downtown Disney on the weekends is being able to find a place to sit and relax. Almost every bench we saw was full of guests.

Wetzel Pretzel DTD

A small line was forming out the door of Wetzel’s Pretzels.

Starbucks DTD

Starbucks also had a few guests waiting for their last caffeine kick of the day.

World of Disney DTD

Just like the Disney Home Store, World of Disney had an hour and a half wait.

Disney's Grand California Adventure

We were able to catch a peek into Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa’s Downtown Disney entrance. This hotel is still closed with no current reopening date.

Esplanade & Ticket Booths

Downtown Disney 9/2020

While walking towards the Esplanade, we noticed it was much busier than usual.

Downtown Disney crowds

Many groups sat along the flower fountain, where there are no social distancing markers.

Downtown Disney crowds
DL ticket booths

The sun started to set right as we were walking through the lit up ticket booth area.

Esplanade Posters

New posters have made their way to the Esplanade. Although we are not able to celebrate Halloween at Oogie Boogie Bash this year, 31 Nights of Halloween will be available all October on Freeform.

Esplanade Posters

This new Black Widow poster can be found directly next to the 31 Nights of Halloween poster.

Disneyland Gate

Always have to stop and say hello to Disneyland!

Disney California Adventure Entrance
Disney California Adventure Entrance

Along with the posters, a few new billboards can be seen from the entrance of Disney’s California Adventure. On the far right, a Pixar Soul advertisement has been added. Replacing the Hamilton billboard, you can see a portion of the newly added Mulan poster to the left.

DL Esplanade Posters

On the far left, you can see half of the new Black Widow billboard.

Esplanade DL

As it got later in the night, guests continued to make their way over to the park entrances for a last bit of Disney magic.

Downtown Disney District – Night

DTD Crowds

Outside Salt & Straw, groups sat in socially distanced areas to enjoy a sweet treat.

Catal DTD

Catal’s Uva Bar & Cafe closed right after at 8 pm.

Downtown Disney 9/2020

Even as the night went on, the crowd level stayed the same.

DTD Ducks

There was a duck party outside Tortilla Jo’s tonight! Looks like we aren’t the only ones over this heat wave.

Disney CM DL

On the way out, a Cast Member tested our knowledge with some fun Pixar Trivia! Do you know any?

Thank you for joining us on our latests trip to Disneyland Resort. Will you be visiting soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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