PHOTOS: Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa Ready to Reopen with NBA Bubble Fencing Removed

With the removal of the blue fencing that had been constructed to create the NBA’s quarantine bubble and the players gone, Disney’s Grand Floridian & Spa will reopen on September 21. We toured the grounds and buildings to get a feel for what guests may experience when they return to the resort.


The Grounds

We first noticed the damage the fencing and other structures inflicted upon the grass. You can plainly see where the blue fence scarred the ground. Also, a square of earth where a structure once stood required some repair with patches of sod.

Along the sidewalks, we found damage caused by the fence’s upright poles that supported it and anchored it to the ground.


The holes have been filled in, however they appear unsightly. It looks like Disney was just providing a temporary fix. Disney will have to complete more extensive work along these walkways to provide a permanent solution. This could cost quite a sum of money.


More damage can be seen in the brick work throughout the area. A large crack even appears along the space where the fence had been installed.


Courtyard Pool

The pool appears to be ready for business, as the equipment and materials have been removed. They had the fountains operating and the water looked inviting.


Of course, we located the telltale COVID-19 precautionary sign. It warned us to wear a face mask, keep six feet away from other people, and wash our hands.


We didn’t find the extensive damage we noticed in the grass, pavement, and bricks. Of course, the blue fencing hadn’t made an appearance at the pool.


Guest Room Area

Strolling towards the Sugar Loaf guest area, we didn’t see anyone around, so we investigated inside.


Here’s a look at a common area. They appear to be cleaned and ready for occupancy.


Curiouser Clothiers

We also investigated Curiouser Clothiers, which was closed at the time. Cast members haven’t posted a “Sorry, We’re Closed” sign, so we expect it will open with the resort. The store posted its hours, though they’ve been limited to four hours a day, four days a week.


What do you think about the damage the fencing caused to the property? Do you think the resort is ready for guests? Tells us your thoughts in the comments below.