PHOTOS: Space 220 Restaurant Entrance Sign Installed at EPCOT

It’s been quiet over at the site of Space 220 in EPCOT lately, with mainly landscaping installed near the side portion of the site. Today, however, we have an exciting new development with the installation of the Space 220 sign!


The sign still lies obscured behind construction walls, with a white tarp over the main logo signage.


Signage rests on a large blue sphere, made to look like Earth, which you will peer down on from 220 miles above while dining aboard the restaurant in space.


Back in March, the restaurant was set to open in April before the COVID-19 shutdown happened, but it seems work is slowly resuming on the project.


The Mission: SPACE courtyard received a number of touch-ups for the upcoming opening of Space 220. Are you looking to be among its first passengers? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I’m hoping to be one of the first diners there!!!
    I’m also hoping someone will edit all the unnecessary commas out of your articles!

  2. I’m really hoping it will open early December, it would be the perfect experience for my space loving 9-year-old’s first visit to WDW! Since he won’t get to see the fireworks in the sky, it would be amazing to eat while looking down at Earth from 220mi in the sky :)

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