PHOTOS: Colorful Themed Scrim Added to “it’s a small world” for Ongoing Exterior Refurbishment at the Magic Kingdom

With “it’s a small world” almost entirely covered with scrims at the Magic Kingdom, it’s hard to get any glimpse of the refurbishment happening on the other side. But Disney has decided to give us something to look at with new colorful themed scrims replacing some of the plain white.


The new scrim has stripes and shapes reminiscent of the “it’s a small world” facade.


The scrims now give the area a carnival tent look.


The colors also blend in with the green-teal construction walls much more than the stark white.


About half of the white scrims are still visible over the exit of the attraction, but we’ll keep checking to see if Disney adds more themed scrims in the next few days.


“it’s a small world” is being refurbished ahead of Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary next year. Though not confirmed, it’s possible the entrance and the exit of the attraction will be switched back to their original placement. Walt Disney Imagineering filed a permit for new signage at the attraction just before construction walls went up.

Are you excited to see the refurbished “it’s a small world”? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

That looks so much better than the white!

Unsinkable Mongala Millie
Unsinkable Mongala Millie
1 year ago

Hmmmmm, I wonder how many cast members could have had shifts. But you know, a themed tarp is way more important.

Last edited 1 year ago by Unsinkable Mongala Millie