REVIEW: New “Adventurous Eats” Prix Fixe Menu at Yak & Yeti Restaurant is a Wildly Good Deal at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Yak & Yeti Restaurant and Local Food Cafes reopened with the rest of Disney’s Animal Kingdom in mid-July. We revisited Yak & Yeti Restaurant for a lunch and after a full meal, we’re sharing our thoughts about each item with you! Keep reading for pictures of menu items and our reviews.

Yak & Yeti Restaurant “Adventurous Eats” Prix Fixe Menu


Yak & Yeti is currently offering a limited-time prix fixe menu for $35 per person. Guests can choose one appetizer, one entrée, and one dessert. There are also upgrade items available for an additional charge. But before we dug into our food, we ordered a drink.

Yak & Yeti Restaurant – Specialty Beverages

South Seas Traveler – $11.00


The South Seas Traveler was created by the Yak & Yeti Bartenders. It includes Myer’s Original Dark Rum and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Monin Lychee Syrup, and citrus juices.


This is a tiki drink that rivals anything at Trader Sam’s. It has strong citrus flavors, is very smooth, and we found that the bartenders were very generous with the rum pours.

Yak & Yeti Restaurant “Adventurous Eats” – Appetizers

Wonton Soup

Pork wontons, clear chicken broth & vegetables


The wonton soup is made with a delightful, flavorful broth filled with tender pork pieces.


The fried noodles offer a nice little side offering, especially if you want to top the soup with them.


Fire Cracker Shrimp – $5.99 upgrade

Crispy fried shrimp tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce, Asian slaw


We couldn’t resist getting the Fire Cracker Shrimp for an extra $5.99.


The shrimp are cooked really nicely. The sauce is more zesty than spicy, but has a lot of flavor.


The salad underneath is just from a bag and feels unnecessary. It was wilted and not very fresh.


Yak & Yeti Restaurant “Adventurous Eats” -Entrées

Teriyaki Grilled Steak


This dish is comprised of a marinated flat iron steak with coconut ginger rice and house stir-fried vegetables.


The steak was slightly chewy, but well-prepared and seasoned with a smokey tinge. Plus, it’s massive.


The rice was a little dry, but the vegetables were plentiful and had a nice snap to them. They’re cooked in oil, well-seasoned, and complement the steak well.

General Tso’s Chicken


This tempura chicken comes with fresh vegetables in General Tso’s sauce.


The sauce is pure magic. It’s just the right amount of sweet and tangy to complement everything in the dish: the rice, the chicken, the broccoli, and the veggies.


This is one of the best entrées in this park. It was a big portion, piled high with tender chicken and nice crisp veggies.


We would order this on every trip.

Yak & Yeti Restaurant “Adventurous Eats” – Desserts

Chocolate Silk Tart


The chocolate tart is basic, but good.


The crust tastes like crumbled Oreo cookies. The chocolate interior was creamy, with a scoop of whipped cream on top.


Overall, it was fine.

Cream Cheese Wontons – $5.99 upgrade


We had to have the Cream Cheese Wontons upgrade. It continues to be one of the best, most creative desserts in all of Walt Disney World.


The crispy fried wontons filled with cream cheese are paired perfectly with custard sauce, pineapple, and vanilla ice cream, all in perfect contrast.


Each bite is heavenly. This is a reason to eat at Yak & Yeti.


While the “Adventurous Eats” Prix Fixe menu is a limited-time offering, it’s certainly a great value. Next time you’re at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, consider stopping by Yak & Yeti for a meal, as it’s a really good restaurant that deserves to be on more people’s radars. If you have a Landry’s card, you get priority seating as well!

Do you frequent Yak & Yeti Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and agree with our review? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

How long of a limited time? Do you know when it ends?