WDWNT’s Top 7 Photos of the Week (10/4/20)

Charly Shelton


WDWNT’s Top 7 Photos of the Week (10/4/20)

We at WDWNT employ some great photographers who scour the Disney and Universal parks and resorts around the world to show you the best there is. So each week, we will be rounding up the seven best images captured by our photographers, whether they made it into a story this week or not, and bringing them to you in a Weekly Recap just like we do with our story Weekly RecapsSo let’s dive right in to the seven best photos for the week of September 28 – October 4, 2020.

Magic Kingdom


Our photographer caught a special moment with the Main Street Philharmonic Marching Band at the Magic Kingdom this week. In a series of fantastic photos that you may have seen in stories around the site and on our YouTube programs, the band shows off right in front of the castle for some great shots. Here, a drummer smiles as he notices our photographer snapping away.


What’s more classic than Walt and Mickey welcoming guests to Cinderella Castle’s forecourt in the Hub?


A final parting shot from the Magic Kingdom, and a beautiful sunset to match the brilliant pinks and blues of Cinderella Castle itself.



So often in shooting the giant geodesic domes at EPCOT, the true scale of these buildings is hard to illustrate. Our photographer caught this Cast Member working on the dome panel replacement over at the upcoming PLAY! Pavilion, formerly the Wonders of Life Pavilion, and it gives a sense of just how large the dome really is.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort


Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is beginning a refurbishment to receive a Moana overlay and several of our reporters went to the resort to say goodbye and document the decor as it is before the switch begins. This shot of the entryway may not show much decor, but with beautiful lighting and plenty of foliage, it captures the feeling of the resort perfectly.


And of course the centerpiece chandelier of the hotel is a smattering of bamboo, woven nets and glowing glass globes. The colors of the piece and its lighting tie into the rest of the decor and set the tone for the hotel. We’re excited for the Moana overlay, but let’s hope that some of these classic touches remain.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios


This close-up of Lieutenant Bek from “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance” shows the true artistry of the Imagineers who sculpted such an incredible animatronic face. Even the details down to the imperfections of the skin, the tiny bumps and skin blemishes, help to enhance the realism of Bek and the overall immersion in the ride.

That’s it for this week in photos. We hope you enjoyed our top 7 photos of the week for September 28 – October 4, 2020. See you again next week.

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