Cinderella Castle and Main Street decorated for Christmas

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 11/15/20 (“Flaming” Hades Headband, Holiday Castle Dress, New Haunted Mansion and Christmas Shirts, TRON Update, and More)

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It’s a beautiful day at the Magic Kingdom! While the weekend may be drawing to a close, the park had plenty of excitement to share on this breezy Sunday. From new shirts to ride downtime and everything in between, let’s head in and see what’s in store.


Making our way onto Magic Kingdom property, we got a nice glimpse of the parking booth repainting which has essentially been completed after several weeks of steady work.


First things first inside the park, it’s Christmas time — according to Disney, at least. Naturally, the Dapper Dans could be found out and about on a decked-out trolley car singing some holiday favorites.


At the nearby Emporium, new Christmas tees made their way into the lineup. These new “Bah Humbug!” and “Keep it Merry” add a festive spirit to any wardrobe for $24.99, or $22 each when purchasing two.


An equally delightful holiday find, albeit for a far different holiday, this Hades hair headband ascended from the underworld, complete with glowing accents.


Rounding out the seasonal finds for the day, this new Dress Shop snowflake holiday castle dress has fittingly twirled into the Magic Kingdom. The more subtle color scheme is a welcome addition to the many bright dresses which have joined the Dress Shop lineup as of late.


Cinderella Castle, in a slightly different color scheme than the dress, awaits us at the end of Main Street as we make our way further into the park.


On the outskirts of the hub, the final sections of walkway have finally been completed around the widened pathway and and Casey’s Corner seating area. Even after the area was revealed, not all of the groundwork had been completed and utilized plywood flooring until pavement was laid.


Heading into Tomorrowland, additional painting has been taking place on the supports of the PeopleMover track. Some of those supports have been completed, while others have only received their first coat of white paint.


The upper supports have been in varying stages of refurb, ranging from wire shells to completed pillars with stucco and white paint matching the lower supports.


The far larger project in Tomorrowland, though, is TRON Lightcycle / Run. Nearly all of the missing portions of siding have been added to the massive show building recently, save for several panels near the track’s return into the structure.


Huge efforts have also gone into the illuminated canopy structure which is beginning to engulf the outdoor portion of track. While sections have been installed little by little, the larger form has come into view for the eventual removal of the support frames.


Circling into Fantasyland, “it’s a small world” continues to be hidden behind scrim during its exterior refurbishment, though progress can be seen on the painting of turrets which now match the final form of Cinderella Castle after its reimagining.


At the nearby Memento Mori, this adult version of a recently-released Foolish Mortals youth shirt has been released. The adult version, however, is printed on a dark grey shirt as opposed to the light grey of the youth style.


Mere steps away in Liberty Square, the Muppets could be seen making appearances from the former home of “Great Moments in History” above the ticket office. While the Muppets’ return coincided with the introduction Christmas entertainment, their appearance seems to have more to do with capacity and the variety of entertainment more than the season itself.


Speaking of that Christmas entertainment, the big man himself, Santa Claus, could be seen weaving his way through the Magic Kingdom today — as he should every day throughout the holidays.


At Frontier Trading Post, another new pin set has debuted which features a meme front and center. In this case, the “NOPE” tagline accompanies this set of four grumpy characters. The set sells for $24.99 or $6.50 per scowl.


The Rivers of America are looking equally gloomy these days as they’ve been drained as part of the four (or more) month refurbishment of Tom Sawyer Island and the Liberty Square Riverboat.


Adding to the “NOPE” mood of Frontierland, both Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad experienced extended downtimes due to technical issues today.


Heading out of the park, we were treated to a sun-filled view of Cinderella Castle bordered by ample Christmas decorations. While the warm weather didn’t quite make this a convincing winter wonderland, we look forward to those cooler days rolling in soon.


Finally, we checked out the status of the new resort boat dock and walkway between the Magic Kingdom and Grand Floridian. Both elements of this project are nearing completion, with landscaping almost done throughout the length of the walkway and the new dock.

We hope you enjoyed our trip around the lands of the Magic Kingdom today, along with some of the holiday offerings that are now part of any visit to The Most Magical Place On Earth. For all of the latest updates from the Walt Disney World parks and resorts, be sure to click here and follow @WDWNT on Twitter.

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