PHOTOS: “Festival of the Lion King” and “Finding Nemo – The Musical” Removed From Disney’s Animal Kingdom Maps

Shannen Ace


PHOTOS: “Festival of the Lion King” and “Finding Nemo – The Musical” Removed From Disney’s Animal Kingdom Maps

Shannen Ace


PHOTOS: “Festival of the Lion King” and “Finding Nemo – The Musical” Removed From Disney’s Animal Kingdom Maps

Multiple attractions have been removed from the new Disney’s Animal Kingdom guide map now available at Walt Disney World.


The front of the map features guests wearing masks. When the park initially reopened, the guidemap only showed the Tree of Life—likely due to a lack of promotional photos reflecting the new health and safety guidelines across Walt Disney World.


The back of the park maps show updated COVID-19 health and safety reminders. (For example, the last park map merely stated “Wear a face covering.”)


The “Plan Your Adventure!” section highlights Mobile Order, as well as the Walk-Up List for restaurants now available via the My Disney Experience app. The newly-reopened Affection Section over at Rafiki’s Planet Watch is also featured here.


“Rivers of Light” and Primeval Whirl were both gone from the map after the announcement that they were permanently closed in July. Primeval Whirl was the first to go extinct, retconned from the first map when the park reopened.


“Festival of the Lion King” and “Finding Nemo – The Musical” have also both been removed from the attraction list, though neither show has been announced as permanently closed. The casts for both shows were laid off earlier this year, but Disney maintains these entertainment options will return in some capacity.


The show buildings are still pictured on the map. The structure for Primeval Whirl is partially obscured by the label for DinoLand, U.S.A.


On the Walt Disney World website, “Festival of the Lion King” and “Finding Nemo – The Musical” are both listed as “temporarily closed.” They are also both still listed on the online map. Hopefully their removal from the paper map merely indicates that Disney does not plan on reopening them right now, but they will still return eventually.

How do you feel about these attractions being removed from the Disney’s Animal Kingdom map? Let us know in the comments.

13 thoughts on “PHOTOS: “Festival of the Lion King” and “Finding Nemo – The Musical” Removed From Disney’s Animal Kingdom Maps”

  1. uh oh, yet two other attractions are removed from the map and listed as temporarily closed, and we all know how those end up

  2. Wow! Please please reopen Lion King and Nemo shows, Disney!!! Those are my 2 favorite shows at Disney world!! So incredibly good!! The park will not be the same without them.

  3. Festival of The Lion King is my favorite show! I hope it comes back. I cry every time I watch it. Brings me back to seeing The Lion King Live in London.

  4. Lets hope eventually they return. Seems like alot of changes happening, will things ever have a prepandemic feel again?

  5. Many people go to Disney for the shows it’s very sad Disney has become just another theme park with extortionate prices all their credibility of being number one is very quickly vanishing
    Not everyone likes rides but goes for the rest shame on Disney

  6. My husband and I have been back since Covid 2x. I understand how they had to shut down these 2 shows at first however, If I get the sense that those shows and others like them (Indiana Jones, Laugh Floor, Citizens of Hollywood, Happily Ever After Fireworks . . .) are going to be gone for good, I will not renew my annual pass. Those things are on my top 10 list !! I would not want to go to Disney World several times a year from PA if those things were gone. Disney needs to VERY SOON begin to restore some of the entertainment !!!!! My annual pass comes due in March.

  7. As Disney plays damage control, I hope they realize that people will simply go somewhere else if the entertainment is gone. While there are “some” good rides at Disney World it is the entertainment that brings people back again and again.

  8. China has caused so much pain with releasing the coronavirus! Hopefully Disney is able to bring back the preshows and shows this year. President Trump is right, China should be held accountable for this pandemic. May 2021 be abetter year than 2020. Thanks a lot China! 😒

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