Walt Disney World Surveying Guests About Upcoming Reservations, Disney Park Passes, and Returning to “Normal” Operations

A new Walt Disney World survey is asking guests about upcoming reservations and what would most likely cause them to cancel their trips.


The survey asks if you are already aware of the Disney Park Pass service.


For our September 2021 trip, it asked if we had already attempted to secure Park Passes.


It then asked when we would be planning on making Park Passes.


The survey then went on to ask about how committed we are to keeping our current reservation, and what processes and procedures we are aware of.


The survey asks why we chose September 2021 to visit Walt Disney World. We would probably choose “anticipating being able to attend a seasonal Walt Disney World event” for the park’s 50th anniversary on October 1, 2021.


But we chose that we are hoping some Walt Disney World experiences would resume normal operations. The survey then asked what we were most anticipating the return of, with options like FastPass+, parades, Extra Magic Hours, and nighttime spectaculars.


Finally, it asked which of our selections would most likely cause us to cancel our reservation.

Other recent surveys asked about New Year’s Eve celebrations, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and limited park capacity.

9 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Surveying Guests About Upcoming Reservations, Disney Park Passes, and Returning to “Normal” Operations”

  1. My family will not be returning to Disney Theme Paris until parks resume normal operating hours, and face masks are no longer required. It completely ruins the magic, and park tickets are crazy expensive to not get an entire day out of it.

    • You are going to have an extremely long wait as this is and should be a requirement until there are no health emergencies going on.

    • Totally agree that masks completely ruin the magic. Disney is an ‘alt’ universe, where the stresses, troubles and cares of ‘normal’ life are set aside for a short time. Every masked, face-shielded or gloved person on property sends the message: ‘you are potentially in peril’ and ‘danger lurks’ thereby instilling anxiety and stress. The more masks, the more anxiety. I won’t pay for that. Also, mask wearing in a hot climate would simply be suffocating. Multiple-time visitor from Canada.

  2. We won’t be returning until masks are no longer mandatory, and there are character meets and fireworks. Our 3 year old wouldn’t be able to keep the mask on all day and the characters and fireworks are ultimately what we pay to come for.

  3. Ditto on what everyone else is saying. I will NOT return, given the outdoor mask mandates, no FP+, no fireworks/parades and reduced hours. Not worth spending thousands of dollars for a less-than-magical experience.

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