Park Hopping Returns to Walt Disney World Today – Here’s What We Know

Today marks a major milestone in Walt Disney World’s phased reopening as the return of Park Hopping launches later this afternoon. While Park Hopping has existed for years now, it’s returning in a somewhat modified form to accommodate existing health and safety measures. That being said, there are many questions surrounding the process, like “Can I visit more than two parks a day?” and “How will I know a park has reached capacity?” Given that today is the first day of Park Hopper Hours, there may still be kinks to work out in the system, but here’s what we know so far after confirming with Cast Members.


Signs are already out at the entrances to the parks informing guests of some of the procedures.

Transportation for Park Hopping


This particular A-frame we saw outside of the Magic Kingdom addressed bus transportation. Park-to-park transportation, previously unavailable at the start of the reopening, resumes today for guests who are park hopping. To board, you must have a valid ticket or pass with Park Hopper benefits—Cast Members will be checking ticket media prior to boarding. As a reminder, you must have a Disney Park Pass reservation for the first theme park you plan to visit and have entered the first theme park prior to visiting another. And while many fans have pined for its return, the EPCOT monorail line is still unavailable to guests.

Park Hopper Hours

Park Hopping doesn’t begin until 2:00 PM, or that day’s stated Park Hopper Hours. Currently, Park Hopper Hours start at 2:00 PM and go through park close, but that could change at any time. To view this week’s published Park Hopper Hours, click here.

Park Hopping – Capacity and Logistics

You can visit multiple parks after your initial parks, so theoretically you could visit all four parks in one day (like back in the good old days!), so long as the parks you’re trying to visit haven’t reached capacity. How will you know a park’s at capacity? Currently, there is no feature on the app, but you can call the capacity hotline at (407) 560-5000. If you’re taking a bus to the next park, the Cast Members at the stop will know which parks, if any, are at capacity. If you’re still in the park and want to check if your next park is at capacity (perhaps if you’re driving over), you can also inquire at Guest Relations.

Once you leave your first park, you may not be guaranteed access back in again if it reaches capacity. However, since your pass is part of the collective capacity established by the Disney Park Pass system, you should be able to get into another park—it just may not always be the one you want.

Rise of the Resistance

Yes, the popular Disney’s Hollywood Studios attraction has its own set of rules for park hoppers. As we’ve previously reported, only guests with Disney Park Passes for Disney’s Hollywood Studios (i.e. their first park of the day) will be able to try for a boarding group at 7:00 AM and the newly modified 1:00 PM release time. Previously, boarding groups were released at 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM, but the latter release was moved back to ensure guests wouldn’t make a mad dash to the park at the start of Park Hopper Hours.

Stay tuned as we near the 2:00 PM start of Park Hopper Hours at Walt Disney World and bring you even more coverage on this resumed park touring perk. Will you be park hopping today? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. We I’ll certainly be trying! We’re starting at Epcot and hope to ride the Skyliner over to Hollywood Studios today!!

  2. was at Magic Kingdom New years day not bad crowd was more like a typical September crowd. wait at “small world”about an hour or so long ling seemed longe due to social spacing of guests. was a great day. crowd did pick up a bit in the afternoon and evening but that is typical. on to Hollywood studios today to make droids

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