PHOTOS: New Vent Added to Rainforest Cafe Building as it Transforms into Star Wars Trading Post

Since the announcement that the Star Wars Trading Post store will be taking over the old Rainforest Café building in Downtown Disney, a lot of work has already been done to retheme the outside of the façade.


Light fixtures have been updated, and a good amount of Star Wars style props have been added in the last few days.


Today there is one new feature on the building, this small rectangle with some nobs and a small vent on a wall near the entrance doors to the store.


The new addition blends nicely with the satellite dishes that were placed on top of the old Rainforest Cafe light fixtures, and matches the props on the top tower of the facade.


The new sign for the Star Wars Trading Post store is still covered, but we can’t wait to get a peek at it soon!

What do you think of this new change in Downtown Disney? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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