PHOTOS: The Hall of Presidents Now Closed at the Magic Kingdom

With no announcement, yesterday ended up being the final day of operation for the latest version of The Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom. Disney has quietly closed the attraction overnight, as guests arriving at the Magic Kingdom now will find out.


In the past, a closure date would be announced at least a few weeks in advance.


While Disney hasn’t formally announced anything yet, the sign assures us that Biden will be added to the attraction (in audio-animatronic form, of course), the question is if he will have a speaking role. No reopening date has been set.


It’s unclear at this time how much more of the attraction will change as this is the first time a new version of the show only existed for one Presidential term, only lasting just over 3 years.

If you missed it, or just want to see the former version of the Hall of Presidents one more time, you can watch the full presentation below:

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  1. I can assure that a Biden animatroic has been in the works for many months, it is just time to record his speech. Couldn’t do that before, unconventional times we live in.

      1. Yeah, I was there early to mid November right over the week of the election and it was definitely open, and extremely busy at that.

    1. i was there in the new year and I went to the hall and it was open
      so maybe when you went they were full for the next show or they were temporary closed.

      1. Is Olaf our next running president? Im pretty sure he will have a very difficult time getting votes in all those sunshine states 😁 Just kidding I had to!

        1. It certainly takes the term “snowflake” to another level, if that was the intention (by George). #SeeWhatIDidThere

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