Walt Disney World Guests Vaccinated for COVID-19 Must Still Wear A Mask


Walt Disney World Guests Vaccinated for COVID-19 Must Still Wear A Mask


Walt Disney World Guests Vaccinated for COVID-19 Must Still Wear A Mask

Walt Disney World Resort updated their mask policy to clarify that guests who have received the COVID-19 vaccine must continue to wear masks at the parks and around the resort hotels.

Face coverings are required for all Guests (ages 2 and up) and Cast Members, including those who have received a COVID-19 vaccine. Please bring your own face coverings and wear them at all times, except when dining or swimming. You may remove your face covering while actively eating or drinking, but you must be stationary and maintain appropriate physical distancing.

So far there has been no update in the policy on the Disneyland Resort website. In California the stay-at-home order was recently lifted, allowing guests to once again eat and drink on company property.

You can read the full Walt Disney World mask policy here.

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13 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Guests Vaccinated for COVID-19 Must Still Wear A Mask”

  1. Stupid. Let’s be done with this. It’s a cold move on now. 99.995% survive! That’s 100% in essence! Read the data it’s out there! Positive tests don’t mean live virus! 90-97% are not active ir transmittable which means you can’t pass the virus into others! Hard facts!

    • When’s the last time a “cold” killed 400,000+ in a year? Your “hard facts” are pipe dreams, not in any way facts. I’m glad the vaccine is getting out there, but we have to wear masks in order to protect ourselves from people like you who don’t take it seriously and are likely to lie about being vaccinated.

  2. I hope they are able to remove this restriction for spring and summer. Can you imagine wearing a mask in 93 degree heat with 88% humidity? Brutal! 🥵

    • We are living in reality, not fear. Other countries like Japan have lived with masks for years over other health risks. But if you just cannot handle it, then maybe you should stay home. Do you refuse to wear your seat belt because it shows “fear?” Or do you wear it because it protects you and others?

      I’m just so sick of people who are willing to put others at risk because they are too selfish to wear a piece of cloth over their mouth and nose. How much of a wimp does someone have to be to refuse to wear a mask and put other people in danger because of their own selfishness?

    • Majority of people don’t realize the vaccine will be an annual event, like the flu shot. That fact most likely will be kept quiet, until next year, when you are summoned to get in line for another round of vaccine.

  3. are masks going to be the disney new norm? will we all go there to look like chinese citizens in their big cities? just wondering so i can figure out if it is time to unload my dvc points.

    • PLEASE unload your DVC points if you’re that willing to put other people in danger because you cannot handle a piece of cloth over your nose and mouth. The rest of us do not WANT you there.

      It’s a global pandemic. If you cannot handle that without being selfish, just stay away and let the rest of us enjoy the parks with precautions in place, you selfish jerk.

  4. GOOD!! The vaccine is not shown to stop a person from being a carrier. Meaning someone who has been vaccinated can still spread the disease. Since masks are for the protection of others, not yourself, this is a very appropriate policy. This would also discriminate against those who are not able to get vaccines. Despite the whiners, requiring masks is not a form of discrimination. If you are not able to wear a mask, you are not able to go. That is just the way it is. Going to a theme park is not a right. You are not entitled to accommodation that threatens the health and safety of other people.

    • you are entitled to your own opinion dear. you are not entitled to tell others what they must do and how they must live. dwell in your fear if you desire but you will not force others to bend on one knee to your fear.

  5. As long as Disney World has a mask requirement (not just a recommendation), I’m not going. There are countries out there with such horrible air conditions or numerous respiratory diseases that people there wear masks all the time, covid or not. I am not going to those countries either.

  6. I go to Disney World to enjoy myself. I hate wearing masks. So for me, masks make Disney World no longer enjoyable such that it is more enjoyable to just stay home, not to mention a whole lot cheaper. So that’s what I’ve been doing. I was hoping that one day, Disney will allow the proof of covid vaccine to be used as a pass for not wearing masks. Maybe Disney can do that in the near future when most people have received the vaccine. If everybody has had the vaccine, there shouldn’t be any reason to wear masks anymore. Unless the vaccine doesn’t actually do much.

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