BREAKING: Walt Disney World Updates Face Mask Policy for Restaurants to Require Guests to Wear a Mask Even at Their Table

Walt Disney World has updated its face mask policy, affecting guests dining at the resort.

Brooke Geiger McDonald reports that guests are now required to wear face coverings at their table, and may only be taken off “while actively eating and drinking.” The coverings must be worn at all other times, including standing, waiting and sitting in dining locations. This is a change from the previous policy, which allowed guests to remove their masks once seated at their table.

Since July, guests have only been permitted to remove their coverings when eating or drinking while stationary. Last month, Disney also revealed that guests will have to remove their coverings while riding water slides or in the water when Disney’s Blizzard Beach reopens on March 7th, but advises that guests should still “maintain appropriate physical distancing.”

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  1. Absolutely ridiculous. The tables are already widely spaced and wait staff have both a mask and clear visor. This is getting extreme.

    1. Completely agree. This is going a bit over the top with no reasoning. If they are doing this. WDW needs to increase capacity for dining….

      1. They are increasing capacity to around 50% for all parks this month ahead of Spring Break. Pretty sure they already did as HS was booked solid for spring break week and now overnight after that announcement everything is now wide open again. So additional capacity was clearly added.

    2. It is ridiculous to ask you to put your mask back on after eating? You must think you are really something special…..what is ridiculous is not have respect for the people working and eating around you to put a mask back on after you eat. Very simple. Get over yourself and join team everyone not just team you. Cause your team sucks

      1. Wear the mask while ordering and talking to the server. Then after you are done eating, put your mask on as a sign you are done.

        1. There is that wait time for your food to wear a mask too, but shouldn’t be too long. They like to get people served and out quick.

        2. Yea pretty much. I always try keep my mask on until we’re done ordering. more so out of respect to the waiter but also cuz I’ve worn a mask 10hrs a day for almost a yr now and I’ve just grown accustomed to it. It’s amazing how the human body can adapt to things

      2. What is ridiculous is pushing for more restrictions when the numbers are getting better.

      3. Learn to read please before commenting. It doesn’t say put it back on after eating. It says out it on when not actively eating. In other words, sit at the table with a stupid mask on while waiting for your server to bring your food. It’s stupid, a year too late, and overkill. Now, go drive around in your car alone while double mask like a good sheep.

        1. They are worried about a law suit if someone claims they caught the. Iris while dining in one of Disney’s facilities. Politics and the Benjamins

        2. It’s a year too late because people didn’t follow the guidelines a year ago. If they wouldn’t have been maskholes who looked for ANY excuse to not follow the guidelines, we could have been well beyond this pandemic by now. But people are selfish, and now we are paying the price.

    3. Then don’t go to Disney. They’re a private company and could require us all to wear rubber pants to visit the parks if they wanted.

      If you care so much, money talks. Don’t give them your money anymore and when attendance drops, maybe they’ll change restrictions again.

    4. This whole thing is not “getting extreme” it IS and is absolute silliness. If they are “so concerned” CLOSE THE DAMN FUN PLACE.

      1. If the CDC said tapping your heels three times after walking through a door helped spread the slow of Covid, you’d probably do it. I mean, it takes no time at all.

      2. Shown to make people sick. With a disease that has a survival rate of 99.99% all of this nonsense is just that complete and utter NONSENSE!

    5. The world hat to shut down bc people like you and their thinking.Some want to move on.Stay home if u don’t want to respect guidelines to move on.

      1. Thats why after visiting WDW 13 times I wouldnt go back until No Masks cause its not a happy place with Masks

      2. Stay home if it’s that big a deal to wear a mask to help keep others healthy. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

    6. Additional capacity is equaling more dining meaning closer tables. That’s why this change is being done…because the very reason you are arguing that it’s ridiculous and why it’s save enough isn’t going to be the case anymore. So you’ve proved their entire point.

    1. We learned people are carless with mask so you have to spell out even the most basic common sense things in life . People (see the mirror) are so dumb you have to literally tell them exactly what they can and can not do because they have no human decency to be respectful of others on their own

      1. Like little Billy here. Sooo emotionally wrapped up in his defense of respecting others, disrespectfully. Truth is the measures & methods utilized & accepted don’t begin to eliminate the level of threat that exists, because this is so contagious. Extra mask wearing in a restaurant or other public place does little to nothing when all of the other devices & methods that help it spread are ignored. Dumb people think dumb things. 10 masks 24 hours a day for 10 weeks isn’t going to cure this virus. If you have it or are carrying it then the time you spend doing everything other than just breathing is spreading it. How many people touch your face in a day? At Disney, how many places do you put your hands that everyone else does too. Whose face and arms do you touch the most? I could give you examples where Disney could improve the way they handle things, but all they see is expense. They really just want to push beyond what people will normally perform. Cover liability by saying you didn’t follow the rules. Putting the liability on the public is the goal here.

    2. What changed is all the people that are taking extended ‘mask breaks’ at outdoor dining without ordering/consuming food/beverage and leaving customers (families) without places to sit and eat. We have seen this repeatedly on our last few trips. Families are forced to sit on railings or the ground to eat. It is sad the Disney has to find a way to force people to be courteous.

      1. How about more seating areas to eat. I’ve been behind most of their decisions, however this is extreme and a year late. Masks do nothing, I personally know three people who contracted covid while wearing a mask. I’m one of them btw. Wash hands, clean surfaces, spacing. Would love to see reusable compact Disney wipes containers.

      1. Your right Billy if your to scared to be around people with no mask then you should be the one going home if your that scared of a flu virus

      2. Not one of your comments has received any positive feedback… Perhaps you should sit the next few plays out and keep your opinions to yourself.

        1. I’m happy to support Billy’s point that we need to care about each other and mask wearing is not a big deal. It’s unfortunate that so many people feel otherwise. My kids and their friends of all political persuasions wear masks all day at school, every day, and none of them complain. It’s only the spoiled adults who think they are better than everyone else.

    1. Disney is losing Tens of Millions of dollars on top of letting go of tens of thousands of their workers. Once they employed 250,000 workers and are down to about 45,000

    1. After you eat. You put the mask back on…..really very simple. If you need we have some 6 year olds who can show you

      1. I’m wondering why you even work in the hospitality business with your obvious disdain for humans.

      2. Since you like to attack people and making assumptions let me help you out. The article clearly states “actively eating or drinking” so reading the letter of the rule if there is not food or drink at your face you need a mask on, not once you are done with your meal as you stated before. This is a little extreme (coming from someone in one of the most restricted states). Also if you need help being respectful to people I have some 5 year olds who can show you.

        1. The people that work there are union and asking for sa safe environment to work. If people like you feel this way the park wouldnt be [pen so really you need to stay home because you arent needed

      3. How many 6 year olds do you have? Maybe they can teach you how to interact with people.

  2. So we have a vaccine, things are getting better, and the tables are spread a part perfectly fine so we are tightening rules for what reason? Things better and rules get worse?

    1. Things are not getting better. People do not follow rules. There is no reason to sit after you have ate with out mask on. If you think you are to good to where mask stay home. This from a cast member that works in a restaurant. We shouldn’t be put at more risk so you can play on your phone without a mask. Be respectful be reasonable. Wear a damn mask

      1. Me wearing a mask doesn’t help me – and I don’t care about you. Get over it. Scared? Stay home in mommy’s basement. The world is scary – and it isn’t my place to make you feel safe.

      2. I’m a cast member in a restaurant, too. If they only knew how many of my fellow cast members have tested positive for covid-19, maybe some of these guests would be less entitled and more considerate.

        1. It’s not about entitlement…it’s about common sense and “picking and choosing” what’s sanitary. Masks can collect a large amount of germs on them, since people touch them constantly. Do the restaurant cast members sanitize their hands between every encounter w/guests at tables (i. e. taking drinks to tables, giving ketchup bottles to tables that may not be sanitized between customers, touching plates that people have eaten from, refills on drinks from the same fountain drink spouts that everyone else’s glasses have touched)?? Are cast members standing at the bathrooms, ensuring people wash their hands after going in there?! How do you know they’ve washed their hands? Masks aren’t the solution!!! We recently relocated to Florida, in a county with a mask mandate, and still got the virus. Some people cannot wear masks for health reasons. For those individuals saying people are selfish for not wearing masks, get over yourselves!!! Recognize that it is selfish to pass judgment against others. If you pass judgment, you really don’t care about others as much as you claim.

        1. So glad the virus knows when I am eating, staying home is a choice you have to be courteous to others… 6ft apart.

        2. Yes, they’re getting better. But they’re still a problem. What’s wrong with respecting people like the cast member above who may be vulnerable or know vulnerable people. Should he no longer work so you don’t have to wear a mask when you aren’t eating or drinking?

      3. If you truly believed you would get sick from coming to work, you wouldn’t be working in a restaurant. or touching the gas pump handle, or the money tube they send to you through the air shoot, at the bank or buying orange juice from the reach in at the grocery store. Or taking a credit card from a guest at a restaurant.

      4. Do you have mental health issues? You seem to be very angry and bitter.

        The parks are not full at all because people don’t want to be targeted by little hitlers dressed as cast members.

        This is ridiculous.

        5 years olds could measure the social distance required and so make sure tables are this far apart.

        This is easy to understand even for the bitter and twisted like you!

  3. This is unreasonable. I really think society has gone completely overboard with masks. We have vaccines now—we should be scaling masks back not making them even more restrictive.

    1. Please read how vaccines actually work. Not enough people have gotten it yet and the people who have received their vaccines will take time for their immune system to build up. They can still be spreader of the virus as well.

      1. Yes, cases have dropped almost 70% from the January high. It is getting better. It doesn’t mean it’s no longer a risk yet, but it’s undoubtedly getting better.

      2. A vaccinated person can carry the illness to unvaccinated people. This is why vaccines are more important than ever!! It is time to buckle down and kick covid19 once and for all not let up!


      4. Florida ranks 28th in the country in deaths and also in cases per million.. half the states are worse than Florida. So things in Florida, with a lot less restrictions, are doing better than most states…lighten up sally…

      5. How will cast members keep their jobs that they just got back if we all stay home? You’d think as a cast member, you’d WANT customers! You guys are nasty and elitist. You don’t even care about people with disabilities who can’t breathe through these masks.

      6. I’m in Florida. Things here are fine. Billy is unwell and should seek out counseling for his unreasonable and unfounded fears and defensive attitude.

      1. It makes breathing hard for some of us! I had neck surgery and am short of breath even without a mask.

        Thank you for showcasing the typical attitude of entitled Disney cast members. I’ve experienced quite a few cast members with nasty attitudes like yours.

    1. It does not say while sitting at the table. It says while “standing, waiting or sitting in dining locations”. So couldn’t this mean while you are sitting at the front waiting for your reservation to be called?

  4. Mmm not a fan. I can’t justify to spend thousands of dollars for my honeymoon, to have to wear a mask even at my table. Disney is gonna have a lot of cancelled vacations

    1. I absolutely am not going back while I’m required to wear a mask. Expecting someone to pay the same amount for their vacation but have it lessened by having to wear a mask is a no go for me. Not to mention the absence of so many other things that have been there in the past like entertainment, all day Park hopping, etc.

      1. Agreed we feel the same not going back till they are 100% back to the way it was…Hopper pass meal plans fast pass and no frickin masks

    2. I agree it’s crazy. They have gone nuts hmmm like a few other people in high places have been acting for a month or so

    3. I’ve been five times as a pass holder living out of state since Disney reopened. I thought most of the rules were ridiculous but wanted to go so would deal with it. However this is the last straw. I’m absolutely not returning if this is accurate until they lift the mask requirement completely. Done. This makes absolutely no sense based on where we are at in the covid timeline.

        1. If you’re not into making other people feel comfortable in a worldwide pandemic, maybe it’s you who shouldn’t be going.

    4. People will most definitely cancel their annual passes and therefore will also lose a lot of business. Nothing says I have to give Disney my hard earned money.

      1. Not really. In case you haven’t noticed Disney is dying to get rid of annual passes because they make no moeny on them. Their studies show annual pass holders spend less money at the parks and clog up the availability. They already cancelled them in Disneyland and will only offer renewals in Disneyworld.

      2. I can’t believe how ppl feel entitled. It’s a privilege to enjoy parks while this pandemic is still going on. I agree with the cast member… quit making this all about you. Its about everyone’s everyone’s safety. And i have seen Disney guest dining at a table and not actively eating and they are just taking their sweet time when they should get up get rid of their trash and leave so others can enjoy their food like they just did. It’s just childish to purposely hog up tables just shop you can take your mask off…
        Also agree with:
        What is so damn hard about wearing a mask I’m a dental hygienist and I do at 8 hours a day it is not that big of a deal it’s a small thing to give up do you have the privilege of enjoying the parks so if you don’t want to comply stay home simple as that

    5. No they are not They only way Disney is going to have canceled vacations is if customers like me feel it’s not safe to travel in that state . People don’t want to come to Florida due to the government’s lax rules. My family had the best time at Hawaii’s Aulani this past month. Government is very strict from airport , rental cars , excursions mask was on except in lazy River or pool . We had to have our QR code to verify health everywhere on the island. I felt safe not like in Florida. People cancel vacations when people feel it’s not safe. Disney is getting ahead of that.

      1. Based on the change in park hours for the next several months, I’d say you’re in the minority with regards to safety.

        Not a single COVID outbreak has occurred on Disney property. Not one. They were doing just fine prior to this updated policy. This is a mistake.

    6. I agree with you. I decided to cancel our trip to Disney because it is not going to be enjoyable and I’m not wasting money to be aggravated.

    7. After they got rid of Magical Express and made it harder for those flying in to get transportation, that was it for me. It’s not worth the money for us to be frustrated and constantly on edge about the mask wearing thing. Sounds like a lot feel the same way.

  5. Disney sucks. I canceled Disney+ and I’m selling my DVC. No more dumping $10k per year on the mouse.

    1. Brian, I sold my DVC and could not be happier, $29,000 back in my pocket. I saw the writing on the wall, back in August. Since plenty of people don’t mind wearing a mask in the park I was glad of that because I was able to sell. Glad to be rid of it. Disney will not be lifting their mask policy anytime soon if at all vaccine or not. If you don’t like the mask get rid of your timeshare. It’s over. They will never be the way they were.

  6. Followed this post on Facebook. Shameful! The folks posting their opposing views of this policy (on Facebook with this article linked to the post) are being CENSORED! The fact that these masks are not protecting us from CoVid anywhere near the level some people think they are, the concern over constantly removing your mask on the restaurant, putting it “somewhere”, then putting it back on… And many other concerns are all being DELETED! Disney is controlling a narrative, and restricting people from sharing knowledge, and having meaningful discussions about this topic. I’ve noticed this on many occasions on various topics! No more Disney for us. Absolutely disgusting and UNACCEPTABLE!

    1. Yeah, that’s not a thing. You probably cursed or made it political so we had to moderate it. There’s plenty of people on both sides in these comments. Maybe be more respectful of other next time and your comment won’t be deleted.

  7. Going to cancel my dining reservations for my April vacation. The only reason I scheduled table service meals was to guarantee myself and my small children some time to relax in air conditioning without masks. When we went in October, we were grateful for those meal times. Not worth it now.

    1. They have indoor “relaxation stations” where you can remove your mask as long as you are stationary. The new rules effectively reinforce existing rules and extend them to further protect other guests and cast. I don’t get the resistance to the new rules.

  8. Just so I understand this new requirements as we have an ADR for Toppolino’s next weekend, we ordered a bottle of wine and between each sip we need to put our masks back on? Is this truly the case we’ll just cancel and spend our 200 bucks somewhere else.

    1. I know. Sounds ridiculous to me! Maybe they are hoping people order more appetizers and desserts so that we can constantly be eating. A hidden marketing tool.

  9. It seems like a strange time to do this when numbers are going down all the time, people are getting vaccinated, and the trend is for things to get better. Not happy about this at all

  10. I’ve been planning to celebrate my 50th birthday at Disney for almost 3 years. Trip is almost paid for. I guess I’ll be rescheduling until this madness is over. I’ll go when I can see my kids happy faces. Not covered by a damn mask.

    1. Seeing how happy Disney makes your kids is the best part of going. We went in 2019 and that was by far my favorite part of the trip. As well as seeing smiling faces all around us. We won’t return until the magic returns. I get it that it’s not Disney’s fault. They’re a business and trying to make money by getting people in the parks. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all need to lighten up when it comes to being offended by these added restrictions. Disney will lose money but they will recover after all this is over. They are one of the biggest companies in the world. I don’t like all the restrictions but I also don’t have to go if I don’t want to. I also don’t have to post my angry thoughts on a website to let everyone know this. Can we all be more tolerant and respectful of each other. This is what saddens me most about all of this.

    2. Go to universal they are so much relaxed and they actually accommodate you for the smallest things.

  11. I visited the Magic Kingdom for the first time in ten years with my girlfriend this past week. The masks were annoying, but we had a good time nonetheless. This new policy update makes absolutely no sense though. I was planning on booking another trip for April, but now that’s off the table… or excuse me, I meant to say on AT the table.

    Can someone please give Chepek an enema already?

  12. Is this as joke? Covid is on the downside and Disney is actually tightening up their mask requirements? The least popular of all of the covid prophylactic measures?

  13. Yep, cancelling my trip for sure. You mean I have to walk around the park and keep a mask on my 2 year old all day and then I sit down at a table for some reprieve from the masks and even there she will have to wear one. Not on my dime…

  14. We just visited Disney World over Valentine’s Day. Seating at quick dining restaurants was hard to find and reservations at sit down dining were going long. We noticed, especially at the quick dining areas, that people were lingering around after eating for 20-30 minutes. I get that Disney is expensive and you want to enjoy yourselves, but we all knew that when we decided to go there. We paid over $40 for two people for lunch more than once and had to find a place to squat while we ate, juggling food and trays on our knees, and using building ledges as seating while people in the dining area just sat there scrolling on their phones and chatting. I can only assume this new addition to the guidelines is in place to help eliminate this. You can only eat in some many places. You can sit and chill almost anywhere.

    1. I believe so. When you have a 7:30 dinner reservation and can’t get seated until after 8 because a group won’t leave long after they have finished and paid for their meal because they are in a no mask situatuon
      Ticked me off that people are so inconsiderate.
      Something had to be done

  15. I just checked out the dining section on the Disney website. The policy doesn’t appear to have changed since we were there two weeks ago. Masks are required in restaurants, while waiting for a table, but once seated at a table, there is no wording in the policy to suggest that masks must be worn once seated. I hope this hasn’t changed tonight.

  16. Disney is just trying fix the hole in the bucket with bandaid. If guests are not wearing the mask while actively eating/drinking, then that’s when the virus will spread! If Disney honestly doesn’t want the virus to spread, they should shut down all public eating or drinking or swimming. Otherwise, it’s not like the virus will politely wait and hold back from spreading while people eat or swim. It takes people (me) an hour or longer to eat or swim, so the virus can take its time to spread, and mask wearing the rest of the time is just for looks. It’s like being outside in a raincoat when it’s raining all day, but take off the raincoat during meal times to eat, and then wonder why you are soaking wet after wearing a raincoat all day. This is the reason California isn’t allowing Disneyland to reopen. All this theme park mask wearing is token measure, ie Disney trying to cover themselves from liability.

  17. That face covering policy has been in effect since the phased reopening last year. This is nothing new.

  18. It’s Disney and all the other parks that will suffer from these guild lines because I’m not going back until the restrictions are lifted and no mask is required. And I’m sure I won’t be the only one I will not be going to the parks while being forced to wear a mask. No Thanks

    1. Agree they will suffer business from people like who you are upset with this ruling. People like me who are happy with it will be more likely to come and spend money. Disney will do fine in 2021.

  19. I’m having second thoughts about making that Whispering Canyon reservation for May. I’m already wary about the expense of their restaurants, but this is likely a step too far.

  20. Absolutely ridiculous, looks like we are canceling our trip next week. Definetly going a little to far.

  21. I’m from the uk and I am genuinely worrying about wearing a mask all the time in America. We only have to wear them indoors. I thought having a meal would be my time to take a breath. Obviously when we are eventually allowed to travel safely to the USA. I miss Disney so much!

  22. For the last 8 months I ve eaten at a Disney at least once a week. I have felt comfortable every time. Now I have both my shots. I won t be going back until this ridiculous rule is changed. There are so many more options.

  23. This is for that family in Epcot that was sitting at a table (in Mexico) before we got there and remained not only until after we left but was still there when we went back to retrieve my daughters forgotten hoodie. This family was not eating or drinking, instead they had their shoes off, masks off, on cell phones with backpacks and jackets on the table. Both a host and a manager came out to ask them to give up their table for customers waiting to sit down and eat. They did not.
    So, shame on the author if this for pushing fear instead of reminding be to be respectful of others and courteous.

  24. Florida has the new variants. I’m happy to see them protecting their employees. The people who don’t like it won’t come, but that won’t hurt Disney. There’ll be plenty of others who are fine with it.

    1. Yes, I’m happy with it and more likely to spend more time and money at my upcoming Disney vacation.

  25. Stay home if you don’t like it…that’s why WDW has had an award winning pandemic response. Disney rules !!

  26. How does this make any sense? Cases are down more than 60% in Florida and across the country. Tens of millions have received both doses and more 1 dose. Restrictions should be lessening. Thinking of cancelling our September trip for 9 days if they done ease up a bit by July.

  27. Ahh yes the popular scientific theory that covid gets you in that 5 minutes before your food/drink gets to you. Glad Disney has finally accepted this Newsom-esque scientific practice. It’s very smart of them to encourage you to touch your dirty mask frequently while also touching your food. Now if we can get a handwash station at each table then we’re cooking.

    Sarcasm aside, I feel bad for the cast members who are going to have to deal with guest outrage. Please remember if you are in the parks that CMs are just doing their job, they did not come up with this silly rule change but they are stuck enforcing it. Sidenote, mask relaxation zones have to go now right then? Otherwise this is all frivolous.

  28. Masks take the enjoyment out of life’s simplest pleasures. There will be no travel to any destination for me until they are no longer required. I absolutely HATE wearing them. They are restrictive, dirty and highly ineffective at stopping the transmission of the virus.

    1. Educate yourself! No one loves wearing a mask! But they are highly EFFECTIVE at stopping the spread of diseases.

    2. I have the same struggle. I can’t enjoy anything while wearing a mask. I don’t know why some people find that so hard to understand.

      1. I barely notice when mine is on. I don’t understand those who think it’s a big deal. My kids go to one of the largest schools in our state. Everyone wears masks, and their Republican and Democratic friends don’t seem to care at all.

  29. We love disneyworld and went a few months in to the panicdemic with having to wear masks and no fast pass with lines for the more popular rides give or take two hours. I can tell you the magic is gone.

    1. The magic is gone everywhere! It’s a pandemic! I love Disney but now with over 500,000 lives lost and some of the world trying to stop the spread is absolutely not the time to visit an amusement park! Complain if you’d like as that is your right but have some respect for the frontline workers, the ill, the families who have lost it all due to this virus!

  30. I’m here now and when they seat you they tell you you can take your mask off while seated if you get up you must put it on.

  31. That’s one way to kill your business. Who wants to spend thousands of dollars and be muzzled everywhere??.

  32. disney has gone nutz! they dont care about all of us who have spent large amounts of money for a once in a lifetime experience.we are not faceless robots! we are real people with real expressions! this mask stuff has gone on long enough, they should be easing the restrictions not ramping them up! we are approching the 50th in oct. by then many of us will be vaccinated( i have been) i hope at that time that disney brings back fast passes,& the dinning plan, fireworks & parades! by then we should have a normal& expensive good time in the parks! lets get our moneys worth!

    1. Vaccinated folks can carry and spread the virus to unvaccinated folks! This is not some way to make you faceless this is a way to keep people safe! We all want to walk around safe again but that is not the reality of the situation!

      1. Then why get it at all? The only point that anybody had was to protect themselves and others from getting it.

      2. That hasn’t been proven. In fact it is looking more and more like vaccinated people can’t transmit the virus to unvaccinated people.

      3. Well said, Beat. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars at Disney parks and I’m glad they care about their employees and guests. A once in a lifetime experience for my family will never be more important than helping prevent someone else’s risk of poor health. It’s not all about me.

      4. You keep saying that but it has not been proven. Please don’t state this like a fact. Based on what we are seeing in Israel, it seems likely that vaccines stop or slow transmission.

  33. So we can go swimming in a public pool but have to wear a mask when inside a restaurant eating…get off the democrat train Disney!

    1. Right. Because people in a pool don’t tend to stay still and breathe on other people, indoors, for 45 minutes or more.

  34. This whole thing is getting completely out of control. I had a trip planned for May 2020 which obviously had to be canceled due to the pandemic. I was putting out somewhere between eight and $10,000 to take my family on this trip. And it’ll be a cold day in hell before I spend that amount of money to have to wear a mask while I’m seated at my table. Disney, you gave my family many years of memories. I was hoping to be able to share many more with my adult children and grandchildren. But this relationship is over until this mask policy is gone. Disney has lost its mind.

  35. I was in Disney in November the staff is absolutely miserable and wearing the mask at the table is utterly ridiculous and Disney World is no longer the happiest place in the world maybe they should start working on that again

  36. OMG, Disney has ruined my vacation with this! How dare a a company try to enforce this nonsense on their private property. I’m a grown adult and I’m gonna complain about the most moderate inconvenience ever because I can’t take my mask off when I want. Murica, murica, murica, freedom!

  37. Is this just the parks and resorts? or is this nonsense at disney springs too? We are going to orlando in a couple weeks and staying across the street from springs and i WAS looking forward to disney springs at least…now…not so much.

  38. They add going the wrong way with masks. I won’t go back for at least a decade and I used to go two times a year. They have lost their mind.

  39. I guess they’re trying to shut down the currently few open restaurants in the parks. When does this take affect?

  40. It is ridiculous. My dad was just there and said that the tables were so spread apart like no other. Having said that I think this will be easy to get around. Just act like your chewing the entire time. It’s not going to ruin my potential trip but it is a little annoying considering no other place outside of California is making people do this while seated. Just eat lots of bread, appetizers, and drink before your meal.

  41. Never in a million years would I go to Disney as long as any mask mandate is in place. What a dystopian nightmare that place has become. And wearing a mask outside in Florida, in the summer?? and paying hundreds of dollars for the privilege?? NO WAY

  42. Disney has lost their minds. Texas is about to eliminate all of the covid restrictions as the numbers are consistently going down. Numbers are decreasing in Florida as well. Disney is making restrictions tighter??? Utterly ridiculous. We won’t be going to a Disney park for a VERY long time, if ever.

  43. Yes, there are vaccines, but at. this point only if you are over 65 or an essential worker for the most part. Yes, rates are going down. That’s why you don’t take the foot on the gas at this point, so it doesn’t spike again and things can slowly go back to normal. So tired of those complaining about everything in regard to inconveniences of living through a pandemic, not caring for others- and not doing the most basic of things to REDUCE the spread of the virus. Nothing is 100%, not even the vaccines. Doing all of the measures of distancing and mask wearing and more of the population getting vaccinated, it’ll get better as time goes on. it doesn’t happen with a snap of the fingers or a wave of a magic wand. So, yeah cancel your vacation. It’s a help.

  44. Until Disney straightens out and rejoins the real world, they have lost my business with this ridiculousness.

  45. This will severely impact the dining experience. I feel sorry for the cast members that have to make the call on when active eating starts and stops. Does “active eating” stop after you shovel your food in your mouth, or after you stop chewing? Will be be allowed to take a sip of our drink without Immediately re-masking? And, I dare say, if the servers are the ones enforcing this silly rule, their tips are going to suffer undoubtedly.

  46. What’s next between bites? Oh wait that’s California. Florida are dying to catch up with the stupidity of Gavin Newsom? Hmm may want to set your standards a little higher!

  47. Geiger made the assumption that “dining locations” equates to “at the table.” Many restaurants have waiting areas with seats. Source: I’m at WDW now, and as of today restaurants have not changed the way they’re enforcing the policy.

    1. The enforcement or lack there of does not cancel out the policy change on the website. I also assume you did not dine at every restaurant in WDW to fact check this completely. It is also possible the site was changed ahead of widespread enforcement, or they won’t enforce it at all and it’s just a legal shield.

  48. Coming next month, all guest will be required to have a feeding tube inserted into their stomachs to slow the spread! Absolutely ridiculous!!! And if you happen to forget your feeding tube they will sell you one for the low price of $99.99 plus tax. However this is not reusable and a new one must be purchased at ever meal.

  49. I hope that everyone with an opinion is also contacting Disney about the concern. Merely posting in a comment section gets you nowhere.

  50. What a JOKE!!! We were supposed to be there this week and canceled our trip. Refuse to pay full price for half the “experience”. Now with mask requirements being stepped up and not relaxed yet is a JOKE. Your piece of fabric is saving no one, what a waste.

  51. If this is a way to increase capacity in restaurants I think opening more of the restaurants that are closed is a better solution.
    Also, I wouldn’t worry about this new rule too much. I can’t imagine a CM harassing patrons in between sips of their drink. The cynical side of me would think they’re more interested in their tip.
    This new update is probably being interpreted too literally because people are emotional and simply want more positivity in their lives right now. Maybe I’ll be wrong but this is my thinking on this topic.

  52. I think it is so that most of these messages are people calling other people stupid and dumb! This is the biggest problem with the world, too much hate and disrespect. Too many people forgot the good old saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! Over it!

  53. I am a huge Disney fan, but this just doesn’t seem to make any logical sense. These measures should have been in place from day 1. I am considering cancelling my honeymoon now, sad.

  54. The article above advises that guests will have to remove their masks while experiencing slides and while in the water at Disney’s water parks. If guests are required to wear masks while walking from one water attraction to another, and while waiting in lines, WHAT ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THEIR MASKS WHILE THEY’RE IN THE WATER?! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  55. Called Disney and DVC and they said this is not the case. Once you are seated your mask remains off until you are finished.

      1. Has there actually been a wording change compared to what it said before? I can never trust the cast members 100%. Would be a major bummer to take their word for it and show up and have it be enforced.

      2. No it isn’t. Not under face coverings or under dining. I think the statement of “standing, waiting or seated in dining locations” is being misinterpreted

  56. Little funny how people go from “we’re already overpopulated” to “every life matters and you’re selfish for endangering them”. Make up your mind.

  57. Wow, getting from ridiculous to completely ridiculous. Considering canceling our trip completely. So upset!

  58. I’m so happy we decided to give up or Yearly Passes. We have had them 5 years but this is ridiculous. If you have medical conditions that put you at risk you probably shouldn’t be at a theme park. We only live a hr from the park and visited frequently but we are definitely taking a long break.

    1. Ditto. We used to go at least twice a month (EPCOT, AK, DS, etc.), but we won’t go again until masks are no longer part of the program. We all had COVID over Christmas … it’s the flu. People who are at risk for the flu should probably be cautious … let the rest of us live normal lives.

  59. People in these comments only thinking about sit-down dining locations. But this applies to dining everywhere.

    The previous rule was probably getting abused. People would find a table to sit at and “eat” their slice of pizza for an hour. The whole time not wearing a mask. Or any other number of ways people could try to skirt the rules. You know how some Disney goers can be. (Rude!)

    1. So make a limit to how long you can sit at a table, don’t make it miserable for all of us to sit at all.

  60. Previous gold pass holders, waiting for the masks to go away so that we can pick up where we left off. Guess the wait goes on.

  61. Wow.
    So many selfish and hateful people on this thread.
    You don’t like the rule? DON’T GO!
    Sick of these self righteous people who insist they know more about science and infectious diseases than the experts.
    UNTIL everyone (or a majority) are vaccinated, these the are the things you must do to protect OTHERS.
    Stop being selfish. Or stay home. Those are your choices.

  62. done with disney, and their gestapo tactics. went in October and what a waste of time and money. not to mention the ruined reputation of ” happiest place on earth”

  63. Exactly the way its supposed to be done all along. THANK YOU DISNEY from a nurse for finally a stand and making people do what’s supposed to be done. Let’s end this thing!

  64. My husband and I were willing to deal with the masks. We have been working with our toddler who hasn’t needed to wear one anywhere else. If I have to wear it in between bites and sips, I’m out. I really don’t believe they help based on the lack of infection rate changes with and without them, but we at least understood, Disney can’t afford bad publicity and they were following the guidelines. Now we are definitely thinking about pushing our October trip back to February and if I had not already paid for our single day in May, we really wouldn’t be doing that either. Never been to Universal before but we are buying annual passes this year. Hope Disney realizes that the numbers just don’t justify this insanity.

  65. Won’t be visiting there until they are much more reasonable with masks. There’s so much confusion surrounding COVID, but mask-wearing is unnatural. We are sheep.

  66. looks like Disney has some other source of financing other than visiters that is why they dont care that people not going to visit his parks anymore. We hate Disney

  67. Looks like WDW going to lose more money, I won’t be visiting any restaurants any time soon

  68. Whoever wrote this, make it seems like after every bite and in between bites you put your mask on. Only when putting something in your mouth whether it’s food or a drink is when your mask shouldn’t be on.

  69. Okay folks if you want the dining plans to return they have to increase capacity the only way there going to be able to do that is to make people feel safe, Be them Guest or Staff. Now i know some of you think the whole covid thing was a conspiracy by the Democratic left. You have the right to your opinion thats fine. But would you be making the same issue if a Disney guest a child lets say had a hyper immune disorder and the person wanted to go to Disney as there wish before the end would you be complaining about having to wear a mask so that kid could enjoy the magic. Of course not why because it is the right thing to do no skin off your nose and will only take a hour out of your life. That’s how this should be treated when you put the mask on who is it hurting it is cloth, you have no issue placing a hat on your head or underwear on it is uncomfortable restrictive, but we still do it because it is the right thing to do. So give it up and just place the mask on people who is it actually going to hurt!

  70. It is absolutely a “Respect” thing. Everyone knows that the non surgical masks are not made to keep you from getting Covid, but it reduces the chances that you will give it to others. I wear one for that reason because I don’t want to be the person who gives it to anyone especially if they are an essential worker. Some people just don’t get it and they never will because they only think of the inconvenience.

  71. This is ridiculous….

    It’s not Walt Disney world it’s Walt Disney,prison

    Not rocket science socially distance the tables……doh! Is everyone thick at Disney!

  72. So what’s the difference between sitting at a table doing nothing, or sitting at that same table and eating? Absolutely nothing! The funny part is you’re actually more liable to spread germs while eating than not, since your mouth is constantly open, chewing, drooling, spitting, etc.

  73. With numbers getting so much better WHY are the restrictions going in the opposite direction? It doesn’t make sense.

  74. I guess they don’t think business was down enough and that they hadn’t alienated enough of their customers.

    Did the people running the company short a bunch of Disney stock or something?

  75. Most of your attitudes are horrible and you don’t deserve Disney World anyway.
    This is the world now, get over your toddlers idea that you have to have your way and just stay home if you don’t want to follow the rules in a place that is not your own home.

  76. Won’t be visiting WDW again – not unless they stop this mask nonsense! This is getting beyond ridiculous!

  77. How would this change in mask policy impact the Relaxation Stations? Thought you could go into those areas and remove your masks, socially distancing, without needing to eat. The only difference would be the server interacting with you so I guess this is the reason behind the change, but they will still be coming to the table while you’re eating so…?

  78. I think it’s a little much if you are at a table w your circle & there are no staff nearby but not a big deal, i don’t mind helping to protect others, such a simple thing. If there is a possibility of making someone sick or causing them to die, its the least i can do

  79. Disney either needs to close completely or FULLY reopen. No more of this ever changing “science”. You cannot be “half pregnant”, make a decision Disney!

  80. You are fully vaccinated and you must STILL wear a mask in 90 degree temperatures? Makes no sense.

  81. I had visited WDW about 7 times last years and I had no issues with wearing a mask. There are two groups of folks here, group 1 believes COVID is real whether or not they experienced the virus, know someone had & survived, know some1 had & died, or simply being smart; better safe than sorry. Group 2 does not believe COVID even exists, doesn’t know any1 in their circles has it, or died from it. Luckily, those folks 560K that passed away from COVID weren’t related to anyone in group 2 otherwise there wouldn’t be so many negative comments on here. No one wants to wear a stupid mask but we do it to protect ourselves, families, friends and communities. Wearing the stupid cotton mask is still better than not wearing it. Hopefully, no one from here has to go through that!

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