PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios 3/5/21 (Weathering, Tea Cups, Signs, Dresses, and Accessories)

We’ve decided to start these photo reports a bit differently for our avid readers. We’ll post a quote and at the end, leave a comment, without looking it up guessing where it came from. A little hint though: they will all be Disney-related, possibly from movies or tv shows. Today’s quote to help you find some inspiration in your day goes like this, “You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.” Let us know in the comments where it came from, but until then, let’s begin our day at Magic Kingdom.


We start our day, as most do at the transportation and ticket center, we won’t bore you with how we got to the kingdom today, just that it was speedy and without a wait.


At the castle, we saw they added some weatherproofing for the stage as some “ice and water shield” sheathing has been put in place.


Before we hit the castle, we took a quick look in the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. It’s still not open, but it’s nice to remember the days before it closed: waiting in line and craving a hot fudge sundae on a hot day in the park. Just another thing to look forward to when the parks resume to more normal, pre-pandemic operations.


The Mad Tea Party is back open once again and we literally ran to the entrance when we saw — just to be told it was going to take a bit to open back up. But once it did, we were one of the first to ride. The attraction felt smoother than ever before and now has a quieter brake. We’ve heard people say differently, but in our opinion, it’s not as loud or harsh as it used to be. It ended up closing again for technical difficulties but quickly opened soon after since managers and technicians were on the problem and fixing it in no time.


Although we are still waiting to see The Three Caballeros back in EPCOT, we spotted a couple in a parade at the Magic Kingdom. Ironically, still no Donald.


Big Al’s sign returned in Frontierland after weeks of missing. This time, it’s looking more printed than painted. Either way, we’re just happy to see the big guy back.


Hopefully, that gives us some hope for one of our favorite signs that has been missing as well. Do you know the one we’re talking about?


The TRON Lightcycle / Run canopy feels like it’s getting closer and closer to completion. We can’t wait for the day to see it lit up let alone the attraction actually open!


More work being done for the front of Disney’s Polynesian Resort with construction expanding further into the parking lot.


While we’re still completely unsure of what exactly is going on with Floridian Way, little progress has been made since we last reported on the Magic Kingdom area improvements entering Phase II.


Over at Hollywood Studios, we found this new Loungefly dress for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway for $128. However, the purse and accompanying accessories aren’t new, but this dress is pretty snazzy and has a hidden little secret on the back, which is a nice detail you need to see for yourself.


If you rather go with a different accessory, this new Disney Parks Pixar Loungefly backpack came out recently as well for $75.


If you get a chance, check out the latest setup over at The Darkroom. Things have been moved around to make it easier to find merchandise. We thank a very helpful Cast Member that let us know about this recent change.


Well, that’s all for today! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any special requests for photos in the future. A photo hunt sounds like something fun to add to the reports and we’d like to know what interests you.

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Liza Hernández
Liza Hernández
7 months ago

Everything looks amazing!!!

Disney Disney Disney
Disney Disney Disney
7 months ago

How is the construction on Epic Universe Going? Also, What’s on the back of that loungefly dress? Hmmm