PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom & Disney’s Hollywood Studios 3/12/21 (Second 50th Anniversary Decor Piece Arrives, New “Secret Sauce” at Spring Roll Cart, New Paint Can Cake Dessert, and More)

Hello from a picture-perfect day here at Walt Disney World. We started our day at the Magic Kingdom to see what new things we could find for you. Let’s get started!


Starting out the day with a bang, we found a second piece of 50th Anniversary decor adorning Cinderella Castle. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.


Though it has been removed from the Guidemap, the signage for the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland has remained in place, despite updates and refurbishment to areas surrounding it. We enjoy seeing it when we enter Tomorrowland and wanted to give our readers a peek at these often passed-by bits of history.


The concrete work continues just outside of Tomorrowland Speedway. The entrance and exit are free from any obstruction caused by fresh cement, but today we found the entire right side of the walkway blocked by ropes to protect a newly poured patch.


At the construction site for TRON Lightcycle / Run, work on the illuminated canopy has been progressing quickly, with new sections going in daily. Today we noticed that this portion of the canopy is now free-floating just above the steel framing used to support the structure while it’s being assembled.


Gaston’s Fountain held a new surprise for us today. It was still off, but filled with water, and still leaking from the tankard in LeFou’s hand, but it also appeared to have had a solution added to the water. Judging by the cloudy quality and the bubbles caused by the agitation, it could have been soap, but we weren’t sure. Perhaps this fountain will be getting a deep clean tonight!


The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is now temporarily unavailable as it undergoes a short refurbishment. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.


Though not a new item, we found the Alien Sipper available at The Lunching Pad today. This sipper is also available at select locations in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


We were excited to find one of our favorite snack locations, the Spring Roll Cart, open once again, and found a new addition to the menu there as well. A “Secret Sauce” has been added to the menu to accompany the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls. For more pictures and information, including our full review, check out our article here.


We found a new clothing line by Her Universe at Star Traders featuring the iconic Monorail. Our favorite piece was this oversized crop shirt featuring a Mickey head line drawing in Monorail line colors with a Monorail along the inner line. For more pictures and information on the collection, check out our article here.


We had a great time at the Magic Kingdom, but we weren’t done with our day just yet!


On our way out, we took a look at the construction along World Drive, and spotted the first horizontal beams going up on the concrete uprights. Whether these horizontal beams are for construction purposes or are part of the permanent structure is still unclear.


Next, we stopped by the Art of Animation Resort and found painters hard at work airbrushing the jellyfish in the temporarily unavailable Big Blue Pool. Refurbishment continues in this area, and the pool is still unavailable to guests at this time.


We also found that the character pages out front had been completed, revealing four shining new portraits of beloved animated characters. For more pictures and information on both of these construction projects, check out our article here.


We then headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where we found yet more concrete work, or at least future concrete work. These scored and spray painted patches just outside of Legends of Hollywood will be torn out and replaced very soon.


We found several new dessert items across several menus while we were there. This Strawberry Verrine and Chocolate Covered Snacking Sandwich are two new delicious additions at Rosie’s All-American Cafe. For more pictures and information, including our full review of both desserts, check out our article here.


Next, we found this Hazelnut Crunch Cannoli, perfect for the Nutella lovers out there. For more pictures and information, including our full review, check out our article here.


Lastly, and our personal favorite, was this Paint Can Confetti Cake, featuring a Mango Chocolate drip. It was an adorable presentation, and it was a delicious treat, too! For more pictures and information, including our full review, check out our article here.


We had a wonderful day at Walt Disney World, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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