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PHOTOS: Progress Made on New Monorail Station Platform at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Work continues this week on the monorail station at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. The new Monorail station is just one part of the massive refurbishment, which includes new Moana-themed rooms and updates to the Great Ceremonial House.


Temporary red support structures line every concrete pillar as the platform is constructed.


All of the pillars are now covered in concrete and the metal rebar is no longer visible at all on the bottom floor.


The platforms built on top of each concrete pillar now extend all the way down the Monorail beam in front of the resort. Just last week, the platforms were not visible on the left-hand side this far down the main structure, as shown in the photo above.


Eventually, the outside of these platforms will be enclosed within a themed wall that comprises the monorail station and part of the facade of the porte-cochère.


Large pieces of steel sit on top of the platforms before being installed.


The basic support frames for the platform now sit on top of each concrete pillar on both sides of the Monorail beam.


Eventually, each section of the platform that sits on top of the concrete pillars will be connected. The themed enclosure for the Monorail station and the porte-cochère can be seen in the concept art below.


Are you excited for the new changes coming to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort? Let us know in the comments below.

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Todd Duncan
Todd Duncan
8 months ago

As one who doesn’t like change, I would have preferred to keep the nostalgic look of the Polynesian monorail platform and the Ceremonial House the same. At the same time, I am excited to return to the Polynesian Village when the work is completed.
Thank you for the updates and photos.

Prince Naveen
Prince Naveen
8 months ago
Reply to  Todd Duncan

I, too, am a classic nostalgic for Disney, especially the Polynesian. That place hold a special place in my heart. I was devastated when they killed the lobby waterfall in the GCH 6 years ago, and cringe whenever they make drastic changes just for the sake of changing things.

Disney has ZERO ability to read Guests’ sentiments when it comes to nostalgia. I just hope this latest round of changes at the Poly don’t push me over the edge (although I have a sinking feeling it will!)