PHOTOS: The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride! Now Loading Every Row at Universal Studios Florida

We reported earlier that the E.T. Adventure is following the footsteps of multiple Universal Studios attractions by loosening physical distancing measures. We’ve now seen that Transformers – The Ride, the E.T. Adventure, and “The Bourne Stuntacular” are no longer spacing out guests by leaving empty rows in between parties. Following these operational changes, The High in the Sky Seuss Troller Train Ride! is now loading every row as well.


Spring break crowds are at an all-time high and the Universal Orlando Resort theme parks have been closing daily for entry this week when hitting capacity. To offset the crowds and thus the longer wait-times, it seems as though Universal has decided to loosen physical distancing measures to alleviate those waits.


Guests are now being loaded into every row on the train. Multiple parties will not be loaded in the same row, however, guests may inevitably sit with another family in the same trolley car.


Similar to the E.T. Adventure, no plexiglass or dividers of any sort have been installed while guests wait to board their trolley.

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Guests stand in numbered rows, but no physical distancing measures are taken while they wait to board.


Upon request, guests may be given additional space from others, however, the standard operating procedure is to fill each row as best as Team Members can.


While the lack of physical distancing measures may be upsetting to some, others may be happy that the wait-times may be offset due to these changes.

How do you feel about Universal Studios Florida limiting physical distancing restrictions on attractions? Let us know down below!

  1. Fill the seats, let people decide to go on their own. Stop with the madness. They have mask police on every corner in universal. The lines are hours long as it is.

  2. doing the right thing things need to get back to normal how much money can people lose people need to work everything needs to go back to normal once and for all

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