FIRST LOOK: Official Photos Released of Remodeled Rooms at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge


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FIRST LOOK: Official Photos Released of Remodeled Rooms at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge


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FIRST LOOK: Official Photos Released of Remodeled Rooms at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Though Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort will not be reopening to regular Guests until June 6th, Disney has given a first look at newly-refurbished rooms that will be available when the resort opens. After we were able to preview a remodeled test room back in 2019, Guests can now see the updated rooms when booking a stay at the resort on the Disney website.

Standard Room (Two Queen Beds)


Keeping with the style of recent resort refurbishments (such as at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort and Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort) around Walt Disney World, carpeting has been replaced with wood-style laminate flooring in the renovated rooms at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort.


King Room


Though we were shown a new walk-in shower during our King Room preview back in 2019, it seems as though that idea was forgone and they opted to keep the soaker tub design.

Deluxe Club Level Room


Wheelchair Accessible Room – Two Queen Beds


The tub in the wheelchair accessible room has handrails on the wall along with a lowered handheld shower wand.

Wheelchair Accessible Room – King Bed


The wheelchair accessible room has handrails in the toilet area of the bathroom.


It seems as though only the Wheelchair Accessible King Room has a roll-in shower, equipped with handrails and a seat.

Check out our video below as we toured a preview of a remodeled Concierge King Room at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge:

Will you be booking a stay in one of these newly renovated rooms? Let us know your thoughts on the remodel in the comments!

9 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: Official Photos Released of Remodeled Rooms at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge”

  1. Huh. This is my favorite resort and although I thought the rooms were getting a little dated, I really don’t like the redo. Nothing about this room screens wilderness lodge to me at all.

  2. New Wilderness lodge rooms are awful. No personality it’s like a holiday Inn. They were beautiful. SAD

  3. Kind of bland overall, but perhaps/hopefully good quality fixtures, TVs, beds, etc. being incorporated. The concierge room at least has some extra splashes of color, and I like the Country Bears print. Glad to see WDW pay homage to an attraction not based on a movie.

    In the king bed rooms, I couldn’t make out what was in the print to the left of the TV.

    At least there are some forest theming elements here. Glad to see Disney is including some unpainted wood items. I like the pine wood lamp on the bedside table.

  4. Looks like I’ve had my last stay – the rooms are horrible now. All the character has been stripped from them!

  5. Dear Danielle, thank you for including the two accessible WDW WL room photos. I use a wheelchair and I use the wheelchair roll-in shower accessible WDW resort rooms and DVC rooms. Before using a wheelchair, I needed the room with the handrail in the bathtub. You are the very first author to do this. Most authors don’t even seem to know because they “never” include them in their reviews. And if there was a rare review about a WDW resort accessible room it seemed like they took photos from their perspective instead of from a wheelchair user. Such as photo(s) excluding the floor-to-ceiling view of a bathtub to see the step-up tub height or roll-in shower. Or other photos related to using a wheelchair. The only other review I saw was a partial review specifically about the Caribbean Resort. But your review made me cry. Wheelchair websites are out there. But never have I seen any regular website author take the time and effort to consider the invisible. You included regular and accessible guests. How wonderful, I hope you will go far as your career advances to better things. Thank you, Danielle, thank you.

  6. Actually, I do really like the look. However, NOT as a Wilderness Lodge look. It reminds me very much of the rooms at the Grand Californian DVC. IMO, the Wilderness Lodge should be more rustic. This look is definitely more arts and crafts concept.

  7. No color. No character. No theming. Welcome to the new Disney – even their hotel rooms are politically correct!!

  8. My god, that’s hideous. What did they do with the carved murals and beautiful rugs?! There’s no color in that room – it’s sterile.

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