PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a Renovated Room at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

Join us for a tour of a renovated room at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, which finally reopened on March 22nd after a year-long closure. The resort rooms comfortably sleep four adults and now have a much more efficient design that allows for more space all around.


The renovated All-Star Movies rooms now feature a queen-size bed as well as a pull-down Murphy bed. The old carpet has been ripped up and wooden laminate floors take its place.


Like most Disney resort hotels these days, the colorful quilts that were once on the beds are now replaced with white comforters and sheets that brighten up the entire room. The picture that hangs above the bed includes Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck in the new animation style as seen in Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway attraction.


The Murphy bed sits upright behind the table leaving significantly more floor space than the previous room design. The queen bed is now elevated to allow for more luggage space as well.


During the day, the Murphy bed mattress flips up leaving room for a small table and two chairs.


At night, guests can pull the bed down providing them with an additional queen mattress.


The headboard behind the Murphy bed has a fun picture of Huey, Dewey, and Louie dreaming about playing soccer, premiering in their own movie, and performing at a concert. The scene matches the three All-Star Resorts- Sports, Movies, and Music.


The chairs are bright red with a fun design that also correlates to the entire resort.


Baseballs, vinyl records, and film wheels symbolize each of the All-Star Resorts. This may mean the end of uniquely themed rooms across the three resorts.


A smaller dresser takes the place of the old bulkier design, and a large flat screen tv hangs above it.


The dresser has three drawers and a cabinet that holds an extra pillow for the Murphy bed as well as a digital safe.


The curtains are now red, green, and yellow with a geometric print.


A Cuisinart coffee maker and a mini fridge with a glass door make up the entryway table.


A floating nightstand sits on either side of the Murphy bed. No longer outfitted with drawers, a shelf takes its place. USB outlets are conveniently placed so guests can charge all of their electrical devices. A corded house phone is still available in every room as well.


The bathroom is now a spring green color that contrasts nicely with the white fixtures. The sink is in a separate area outside of the bathroom next to an open closet.


The area is well lit and shelves on the far left side allow for adequate storage of toiletries.


A pocket door separates the toilet and shower from the sink area, giving convenience for multiple family members to get ready for a day at the parks.


The bulk pump dispensers of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash continue to be provided in lieu of the beloved miniature bottles.


The shower tub now has frosted sliding glass doors.


The bathroom is simple, but is clean and bright.


You can watch a video of our remodeled room tour below:

Make sure to check out our full photo tour of the entire resort’s reopening, including images of the Fantasia pool and giant Mickey Mouse checkers.

Are you considering a stay at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort? Let us know down below!

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1 month ago

I wish they had made the sliding door to the bathroom white, like it is at Pop Century. The darker color makes the room look smaller.

1 month ago

The most fond memories I have of these value resorts is their daily rate $70-90 range (slow vs busy season). Now the lowest price you can get during off season in $149/night plus $15/day parking fee , totally not worth it

1 month ago

It’s hard for me to be harsh on these designs because I never liked the old one. If there’s one negative, it’s that there’s very little “Disney” to the room. It could easily be mistaken as a hotel off 192. Disappointed by the lack of personalized resort character, it was one of the few things that the old version had going for it. Personally, not a fan of the wood look that I keep seeing, it reminds me too much of an old camper. I also do like some carpet, perhaps a rug? The flooring does look nice, it just… Read more »

1 month ago

All in all, the new rooms look too sterile for my taste. I do like the Huey, Dewey, and Louie picture, although to see it you have to pull down the bed (which my husband and I would never need).

1 month ago

It’s not exactly “go-away green” (aka no-see-um green) in the bathroom, but it’s pretty close.