PHOTOS: Additional Temporary Supports Removed as Work Continues on TRON Lightcycle Run Canopy at the Magic Kingdom

TRON fans eagerly awaiting a trip into the grid may be disappointed by today’s update on TRON Lightcycle / Run’s construction. After last week’s rapid progress, the removal of temporary supports from the canopy frame seems to have slowed. However, there was much afoot on the worksite today.


It appears that more temporary supports have been removed from the middle section of the canopy frame. The entire left section was cleared in a matter of days.


Many crews are working on several temporary support sections, so we expect to see more major progress soon.


The canopy frame’s rightmost section closest to the Barnstormer had its supports removed earlier this month, giving us a look through to Space Mountain.


Over nearby the show building, which is still dense with temporary supports, quite a few green high-reaches with crews are visible.


A construction crew member works on one of the permanent support beams for the canopy frame where it meets the concrete base.


Our eagle-eyed photographers spotted a crew member atop the canopy frame. They seem to be disconnecting the temporary supports from the permanent frame so the crews below can remove more sections.


There wasn’t much to see on the ground site today. Last week, we saw crews loading a flatbed truck with removed supports to transport offsite. There are no supports currently staged for removal.


An access door to the show building is open, and a crew member visible inside. Its purpose is unclear, so this does not necessarily mean that construction inside is recommencing.


At this time, an opening date has not been revealed for TRON Lightcycle / Run, but it is not expected to be open by the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World coming up on October 1st. Compared to the concept art above, the attraction still has several months of construction to go before it can open for guests.

Stay tuned to WDWNT for more updates on TRON Lightcycle / Run.

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