PHOTOS: Second Turret-Cap Decoration Added to Cinderella Castle for 50th Anniversary at Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle is being decked out for “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” at Magic Kingdom. Last week, the final piece of bunting was hung on the castle’s first level. Now decorating is going vertical, as turret-cap decorations are added.


A second turret-cap has been added since yesterday. The first one isn’t visible from Main Street, U.S.A., but this second one is just barely visible to the east.


These new decorations create golden spirals around the recently repainted royal blue turrets.


Both spiral decorations are visible from next to the crane walled-off behind Cinderella Castle.

How do you feel about these 50th anniversary decorations? Let us know in the comments!

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Bob from Toledo
Bob from Toledo
7 months ago

You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a Chapek, I mean a pig