PHOTOS: Physical Distancing Markers Removed From Extended Toy Story Mania, Slinky Dog Dash Queues at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The recent end of outdoor masking at Walt Disney World means changes are happening across the resort. One such change is the removal of physical distancing markers from extended outdoor queues. Physical distancing markers have been removed from extended queues at Slinky Dog Dash and Toy Story Mania in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


The Slinky Dog Dash extended queue is often long. With the removal of the physical distancing markers, the line is more condensed.


When markers are removed, they leave behind staining.

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Across the path at Toy Story Mania, physical distancing markers have also been removed along the extended outdoor queue. The markers are still present in the formal queues for both attractions.


Earlier, we noticed outdoor markers missing from some EPCOT attractions. The revised outdoor mask guidance also means that relaxation stations have been removed from the theme parks.

What do you think of physical distancing markers being removed from these attractions? Let us know in the comments.

  1. Happy to see things starting to return to normal. However this is one thing I wish would stay. Being distanced in line and at the parks has been so nice. Not having people crammed in and all up on everyone is just something that I wish would stick around.

  2. Too fast. I felt safe when the markers were there in February. Now, I’m nervous for October, now.

  3. It’s amazing that suddenly there’s zero , as in ZERO , common sense being used at Disney as it relates to Covid. Without mask requirements and social distancing , along with no vaccination mandate , those that aren’t vaccinated will most certainly spread Covid to others who aren’t vaccinated. The virus is not magically gone because social distancing markers have been removed. Disney needs to follow the cruise lines and mandate proof of vaccination before allowing park entry. The idiots that choose not to get vaccinated should not have a voice.

    1. The governor won’t allow proof of vaccination so disney is stuck but the restaurants are still socially distanced though

    2. Children aren’t being vaccinated so they can’t have an only vaccinated people can enter policy.

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