PHOTOS: Disney Finally Gives Up On Main Street U.S.A. Cavalcade Viewing Markers in Magic Kingdom

Early on in Walt Disney World’s phased reopening, circular stickers were placed on the edge of the Main Street, U.S.A. sidewalks in Magic Kingdom to encourage physical distancing when viewing cavalcades. As distancing continues to be reduced, these have now been removed.


We can still see where the stickers used to be.


The markers were not always effective in creating physical distancing, with guests often crowding together anyway and the Main Street bypass opening sometimes to reduce crowding.


Physical distancing markers have also been removed from the entrance to Magic Kingdom and several extended queues. How do you feel about these changes? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. It’s time. The markers were always ignored anyway. There has never been one single outbreak or uptick in “cases” of covid attributed to the parks. Any theme park being open. It’s time to let go of the narrative and get back to normal life. The collective trauma of the last 18 months needs to start healing. Disney can help that by continuing to remove unnecessary boundaries. It’s time folks. No fear. Let’s go! :)

  2. I will admit I’ve been concerned that Disney is rushing too quickly to return to normalcy by removing temperature checks, easing mask restrictions, and now removing distancing markers. And yet a “superspreader” event at WDW never comes, so what do I know?

    I look forward to returning soon. Now if only more restaurants and resorts would re-open…

  3. If the vaccine is really working, I’m not worried about masks or social distancing anymore. I’m vaccinated and ready to see the world….we’ll, at least, Walt Disney World!

  4. Happy to see it! Cases are going down the number of vaccines are up. Time to enjoy the things we’ve missed.

  5. Not very smart. Just because some people are vaccinated does not mean to give up on social distancing. The social distancing is what protects people and a lot more then the masks that are also going away. Also, just because you are fully vaccinated, you can still catch it and spread it to others too. I am a complete example. I am fully vaccinated and a month after my 2nd dose, guess what? I am COVID positive with tons of symptoms. I attended a wedding where no masks or social distancing was happening. Sorry but not good. 😢

    1. Can’t be afraid forever, time to get over it nearly 18 months later! If you don’t feel safe, then don’t go.

  6. I am VERY happy. I like a little distance but dont need 6 feet of it. What I am glad about DW now is not having to listen to the announcements about face masks, distancing and stopping to eat and drink. ……Now to just get rid of masks inside stores……..was at Disney Springs this am and it will be so much better when they are gone. It was very nice down there today, beautiful day

  7. This is one of the things I do not look forward to when things get back to “normal “. People pushing and shoving, and general rudeness. Some things about the pandemic guidelines were good.

  8. Yes, no kidding. Our great country is moving forward, positive people doing the right things. God bless all the hero’s who gave their life for our freedom this Memorial Day.

    1. Yeah, it’s almost like they’re operating as if a global pandemic was happening. Oh, wait. There IS a global pandemic happening. Sorry if a global pandemic inconveniences you in a small way by not being able to spend a few more hours in a theme park..

  9. Places like Disney should still be extra cautious, the amount of people
    Who will not be getting vax’d they should still require reservations and half capacity for at least the first few months

  10. Now they need to follow universals lead and totally get rid of the mask mandates

  11. People in the comments acting like the pandemic is over: it’s not, stop living in your fantasy world that hundreds of people in the US aren’t dying everyday still. It’s getting better but it’s NOT over. Keeping caution is still one of the best measures to get back to “normal” fastest. Give up your selfish behavior for another year so we can all go back to our lives.

    1. Thousands of people for everyday from the regular flu.
      Is that a pandemic?
      Thousands of people die in this country everyday collectively from a variety of viruses…. Generally contracted in public settings.
      Have any of you been living your entire lives trying to prevent contraction of deadly viruses?
      Guess what they’re around you ALL DAY
      EVERY DAY!!!

  12. Should have never been there in the first place. For a Theme Park, MK has always been Pretty clean. As soon as masks come off, we are THERE!

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