REVIEW: Cape May Cafe Reopens with Walt Disney World’s Best Value Breakfast

Cape May Cafe at Disney’s Beach Club Resort has reopened, and we arrived bright and early on opening day for breakfast. While Minnie’s Beach Bash Breakfast has not returned, the cafe still promises a delicious all-you-care-to-enjoy meal of breakfast classics. The prix fixe meal is $25 per adult and $14 per child, plus tax and gratuity. Breakfast is served from 7:30am until 11:30am daily.

Cape May Cafe has also reopened for a family-style dinner at $42 per adult and $25 per child (we’ll be reviewing that later today as well).

Cape May Cafe Arrival


Though six foot physical distancing is being reduced in some areas of Walt Disney World, dining is not one of those areas. Distancing markers lead to the check-in podium, which has a sheet of Plexiglass on it.


Masks are still required indoors until seated in a restaurant.


The breakfast menu is posted outside (next to the hand sanitizer).


Many tables are left empty or pushed further apart for distancing. The buffet is not currently in use due to safety protocols.


This station near the entrance is now where the seater will grab your pastries and condiments before taking you to your table.


Guests get a paper drinks menu, while the list of food is available by scanning a QR code.


Yes, they do have the ubiquitous “pog” (passion orange guava) juice.

Assorted House-made Pastries and Spreads

Croissant, Multigrain Croissant, French Rolls, “Lobster Tail” layered Crispy Pastry filled with Pastry Cream, Mini Muffins with Butter, Jelly, and Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread


This is the somewhat standard Walt Disney World breakfast pastry collection, with the addition of the “Lobster Tail” layered crispy pastry filled with pastry cream.

We had high hopes for the “lobster tail”, but sadly it lived up to its name in a literal way. The “shell” around the pastry cream was very hard. The next layer of pastry was softer but way too chewy. The pastry cream in the middle was dense, but not really infused into the bread. It had a similar taste to a Boston cream donut filling.


Condiments include honey butter, jelly, and a hazelnut spread. All of the other pastries were quite good, especially with some of these applied to them.

All of the courses are “all-you-care-to-enjoy”, so if you run out of something, just ask your server for more of any item and they will bring it to your table.

Yogurt Parfait and Mixed Seasonal Fruit

Plant-based pastries and yogurt parfait available upon request.


The yogurt parfait and mixed seasonal fruit were a nice side for the meal. We especially appreciated that each person received their own individual portion as opposed to there being one bowl for the table to share.


Hot Breakfast Platter

Mickey and Minnie Waffles, Seasonal Pancakes, Brioche French Toast, Cage-free Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Breakfast Sausage, Crispy Potato Barrels, and Beef Hash


There is a lot of your standard Disney breakfast food, with the addition of a beef hash which stands out against the norm.


The beef hash was basically shaved, warm roast beef on top of the hash. We hoped for more pizazz, but it wasn’t anything to write home about.


Our favorite item was the brioche french toast! It was well-prepared with a firm exterior and a warm, soft interior, along with a generous sprinkling of sugar on top.


Yes, they do have both Minnie and Mickey waffles here.


Everything else on the platter was what you would expect from any Walt Disney World breakfast, all of it tasting fresh and made with care. It’s perfect for those seeking a classic American breakfast for both kids and adults to enjoy.



Lastly, we sampled the plant-based egg and vegetable omelet, which is available upon request. It was small since it was made for one person. The vegetables provided some flavor, but it could have used a pinch of salt and pepper.

Plant-based options of every course are also available upon request.



While the “lobster tail” and the beef hash were a disappointment, everything else lived up to expectations, if not exceeding them. The staff at Cape May Cafe is top notch, the breakfast is plentiful, and the value is apparent. $25 for bottomless drinks and a wide variety of food is a great deal at Walt Disney World, and we think this would be the perfect way to start a park day, perhaps just walking over to EPCOT after a very filling breakfast. If you want a lot of well-prepared breakfast standards at a good price, we highly recommend Cape May Cafe.

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