REVIEW: Fairfax Fare Finally Reopens with NEW Hot Dog Salad, Pretzel Dog, BTLA Dog, and More at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

After being closed for over a year, Fairfax Fare has reopened on Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This food stand has a new menu including specialty hot dogs, a selection of beers, and more.


A version of Fairfax Fare’s old salad is now available at Rosie’s All-American Cafe.


Like all Walt Disney World quick-service food and beverage locations, guests are encouraged to use mobile order on the My Disney Experience app.


We didn’t get any drinks today but we did order most of the menu: the signature Chicago-style “Hot Dog” Salad and three hot dogs.


The only main dish we didn’t get was the standard All-Beef Quarter-pound Hot Dog, which is available for $9.49.

California BLTA Dog – $11.49

All-Beef Quarter-pound Hot Dog topped with Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, Applewood Bacon, Crushed Ranch Tortilla Chips, and House-made Black Pepper Mayonnaise on a Brioche Butter Bun served with Pickled Vegetables


The “toppings” of this dish are mostly beneath the dog, between it and the bun. They’re fun and we could really taste each ingredient.


The bun is toasted, which keeps it from getting soggy.


It’s a great mix of flavors, including the crumbled chips, which add salt.


We would get this again.

Pretzel Dog – $11.49

All-Beef Quarter-pound Hot Dog topped with Apple-braised Sauerkraut and Onions, drizzled with Mustard Aïoli on Pretzel Bread, and served with Pickled Vegetables

If you like Baseline Tap House pretzels, you’ll like this hot dog!


The pretzel bun is very good, with a toasted, salted outside and a soft inside.


The sauerkraut is vinegary, but also sweet.


There aren’t a lot of flavors going on with this one, but the ones that are here are great. We would definitely get this again.

Truffle Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Hot Dog – $11.49

All-Beef Quarter-pound Hot Dog topped with Savory Macaroni & Cheese and Crispy Applewood Bacon, Drizzled with Mustard Aioli served on a Brioche Butter Bun with Pickled Vegetables


This hot dog was our favorite. You can smell the truffle when you get close to the dog and though the taste is subtle, it’s there.


The bacon chunks are large and a bit fatty, but generous.


Panko makes a good texture addition.


Again, the toasted bun is a nice touch.


The flavors are nicely balanced, with a good amount of toppings. We’ll definitely be getting this again.

Chicago-style “Hot Dog” Salad – $9.49

Romaine Blend, Plant-based Bratwurst, Sliced Sport Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions, House-made Dill Pickle, Sweet Relish, Mustard, and Poppy and Celery Seed Brioche Croutons tossed in Neon Green Relish Vinaigrette (Plant-based)


The plant-based hot dog was fine. It wasn’t dry and it was very flavorful enough, tasting similar to a meat hot dog, but not as greasy.


The salad itself was pleasant with fresh greens. The mustard was a bit spicy and we personally feel like they went for spice over flavor, which is disappointing.


It’s not bad, but not great, and we wouldn’t order it again.

Parmesan Chips – $4.49


We were disappointed in these. They tasted burnt, even if they didn’t look it.


We aren’t sure if the oil they were fried in wasn’t right or something else, but these weren’t what we were hoping for.


The topping itself contained cheese, but didn’t seem to contain salt.


Paired with a salty hot dog, we can see where these would have a place, but we wouldn’t get them again.

Pickled Vegetables – $3.99

These can be ordered as a separate side, but also come with each hot dog.


This is spicy! It contains lots of jalapeños with seeds. It’s also vinegar heavy.


They’re definitely not for everyone, including us. We personally would ask for chips instead.

Overall, this is a nice selection of “grown-up” hot dog options that kids will still enjoy. We miss the old Fairfax Fare menu, but we’re glad something interesting has replaced it.

What would you order at Fairfax Fare in Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Let us know in the comments.

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