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Walt Disney World Possibly Selling New Annual Passes Again Soon

Since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down Walt Disney World last year, Annual Pass availability has been suspended. Existing Passholders and those with expired passes have been able to renew, but no one has been able to purchase a new Annual Pass.

However, it seems that Walt Disney World will be selling Annual Passes again soon. In the announcement that Passholders will no longer receive complimentary MagicBands, Disney stated this applied to “Annual Pass purchases and renewals made August 16, 2021 and beyond.” This implies that Annual Passes will finally be available for purchase again by the time August 16th rolls around.

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It makes sense that Walt Disney World would want Annual Passes to be available again with capacity increases coming to the parks, as well as before the 18-month-long “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” begins October 1, 2021.

Keep checking WDWNT as we learn more.

  1. This sounds good, but APs are being treated as second hand citizens in the Park Pass system. I’m a Texas AP who had to cancel my ten day trip last week because of the gas situation. Now I check for this and next week (when I was supposed to be there) and find it near impossible to get in when and where I want.

    1. There’s actually been more AP availability than resort guest lately if you check the calendar.

      1. Availability for paid tickets and resort guests sure, but my assertion about passholders stands strong. I have checked the calendar every couple hours for several days just to see a trend as to how it was going. Today started unavailable to everyone. As of right now 2:00 ET 1:00 where I am three of the four parks are available to tickets and resort guests while APs can’t book anything. The same thing happened yesterday. APs couldn’t book anything until about after 4:00 ET and only to Animal Kingdom until 7:00 which MK and HS opened up, but closes shortly afterwards. If I wanted to get the most out of my trip I would’ve booked AK for first AP availability then tap in then park hop to one of the other three.

        1. I totally agree about passholders. I live close by and my husband and I have gold passes. I’ve been trying to make reservations to go but there has been nothing available for passholders. There have been passes for resort guests and for people who buy a ticket – nothing for us. I guess they have gotten their money from us and we are truly second class Disney citizens.

      2. Ummm what calendar are you looking at because as of now resort guest and day pass have more availability then AP

        1. Agree Alexis you are right .We pay for an Annual Pass that means no blackout dates and we can go when ever we want .But now i see we are luck to get one day a month .Disney got our money so put us last and let everyone else buy a ticket now and let them in .There is many Annual Passholders i see that said they will not renew their ticket and go to Universal Studio and may do the same .Even if you have an Annual pass with Universal you have more of a chance to go in the park .Disney Annual Passholders Come Last

  2. Could be true but not necessarily. There are some instances where you can buy new currently (i.e. cancelled last summer or child turning 3)

    1. My thoughts exactly. Could be reading more into this than what’s actually meant in the email verbiage. Hoping Shannen’s right though.

  3. Eh, I guess we will see, but the statement could easily just mean the case-by-case purchases they are allowing for specific situations.

  4. If you have purchased tickets for January 2022, can you buy an annual pass and get a refund on this tickets?

  5. Disney has not refunded my Premier Annual pass. I am tired of calling Disneyland and WDW’s VIP Passholder and waiting almost 4 hours to learn it is not their fault. Nobody wants to take ownership and help a Premier Passholder of over 6 years and Disneyland Passholder of over 25 years. Though it is one company Disneyland and Disney World acknowledge their finance departments have to agree on the dollar amount. Yet my friends and family have already recieved their refunds in February. This is not a magical experience.

    1. Hi Lani, OMG I am in the same boat. As soon as Disney World shut down last year and they announced we could either get a refund or extend our current pass once they opened up again, I contacted them to request a refund. They said “no problem, it is noted in the system, but they could not issue the refund until they had a confirm day to open. This way we would know how much we would be refunded. They opened, I contacted them to ask about my refund and they told me they were backed up and working on all annual pass refunds and to wait 30-60 days. Well… its been over a year and they just keep giving me the run around. I feel that once they got our money we no longer mattered. It is unfair that us that paid upfront did not get our refund, but the people who chose to pay monthly were not required to pay so basically getting their refund. :( I imagined they would care about pass holders, I was wrong. You are correct, far from a magical experience.

  6. I was there in April and was able to get annual pass at that time. It’s been on a case by case decision.

    1. Yeah, 10 people being able to get it a month doesn’t mean we should say they are available and build false hope. It is too small a number to mention and cause mass-hysteria.

  7. I am glad that annual passes is coming back to Walt Disney World for new buyers i mess my Disney parks been going for 9 years.

  8. I have been bringing my family to Disney since 2003 unfortunately they wouldn’t allow me to repurchase our annual passes but I was told I could purchase tickets to the park with a Florida resident discount. Now we have purchased annual passes for another park with access to city walk sad that after 18 years we won’t ever be going back to Disney. We have been stuck in the house for too long now that we have been vaccinated it’s time to live and have fun again.

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