PHOTOS: Pavement Replacement Moves Forward in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom

In a continued effort to revamp the look of Tomorrowland, Walt Disney World continues to systematically replace the pavement throughout the area. We have a few more updates about the project for you today.


Areas of the pavement down the middle of the thoroughfare have gone from a lighter, worn hue to a darker, fresh looking color.


Disney has systematically replaced small sections overnight, leaving areas of Tomorrowland cordoned off as the new pavement dries.


This section of pavement is heavily scored, meaning that the previous “gear” design will likely be replaced with a flat, gray pavement soon.


The replacement of the 1994 New Tomorrowland “gear” pavement with new plain pavement has some worrying that the new look will be too generic.


The pavement remains scored as you enter into Tomorrowland, so we can expect this section to be refurbished soon as well.


And finally, perhaps in order to spice up the new pavement’s look, some cast members have been leaving adorable “water art” for guests to enjoy as they walk through the land.

What are your thoughts about Tomorrowland’s new look? Let us know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Pavement Replacement Moves Forward in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom”

  1. I don’t think this is something they need to be spending money on… there’s still 1970’s “green pavement” in Adventureland. The Gears are fine, this change isn’t making it “better” just “different”. If they want to “improve” Tomorrowland how about adding something to look at on the People Mover inside Space Mountain? I’d appreciate that a lot more that “cutting up the pavement”

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