Blockout Date Calendar Available Through October 2022 for New Walt Disney World Annual Pass Types

Walt Disney World has announced four new Annual Pass tiers, which will be available for purchase on September 8, 2021. We now know the blockout dates for each tier through October 2022.

Disney Pixie Dust Pass

Most weekdays are available with the Pixie Dust Pass, while weekends are blocked out. Holiday weeks are also unavailable.


Disney Pirate Pass

Holidays and select busy weekends are unavailable with the Pirate Pass.


Disney Sorcerer Pass

Only days surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are unavailable to Sorcerer Passholders.


There are no blockout dates for the highest tier, Disney Incredi-Pass.

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  1. Do I have this correct. If I am going for a week, staying at a Disney resort, I can not make a park reservation for every day no mater what kind of AP I have. at most 5? That seems horrible.

    1. On site guests can make a park reservation for every day of their stay. In addition to that you get 5 additional for your AP too.

  2. Wow, no comments for the 40% increase and the removal of TABLES IN WONDERLAND benefit, the enormous reduction on where your AP discount will be accepted (basically no place anymore except WOD and park stores) and the removal of free photo pass (which costs them nothing at this point). AND YOU HAVE TO PAY TO FAST PASS. I should be mad but I’m actually tearing up. Sad day. Disney is now and forever NOT family-friendly.

    They are trying to recoop from 2020! Thanks, Covid and China – where all Disney stuff is made. Hmmmmmm never mind I am mad.

    1. You do not pay to get in per trip or the $40 in parking! So boo hoo you do not get your other stuff that isnt aval anyway at this moment!

  3. Is Thanksgiving a typical blackout week for the non-platinum pass? Always thought it was Christmas and Easter.
    I do hope they reverse course on the photopass/memory maker add-on, but hopefully the Tables in Wonderland makes a reappearance next with all restaurants being almost 100% reopened.

    1. No, Thanksgiving week is new. It’s a little disappointing, since parks other than MK aren’t usually too bad.

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