BREAKING: The NBA Experience Will Not Reopen at Disney Springs

The NBA Experience will not reopen at Disney Springs. Disney will continue to partner with the NBA in other endeavors, but the venue will remain shuttered.

The NBA Experience replaced DisneyQuest in August 2019. It closed in March 2020 for the pandemic, and all Cast Members were laid off last October.

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Now, the venue is officially permanently closed. A replacement has not been announced at this time.

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  1. The NBA – another “get woke, go broke” organization. Well, accept it doesn’t seem very “woke” about China.

  2. They should have just improved DisneyQuest and re-opened that eventually. The character drawing classes were fun, and I hung out and did around 4 of them one night as the only person in the classes. Then again, I guess they didn’t do a lot of business towards the end.

  3. Wow…. What a shame for Disney Quest. I bet Disney is losing their mind over this vacant building now. Thank god for CityWorks, the only good thing that came out of Disney Quest closing down. Smh

  4. Bring back an updated, more current version of Disney Quest!! You KNOW that would be a hit

  5. I’m a huge NBA fan, but I had absolutely zero interest in going to the NBA experience.
    Covid-19 had nothing to do with this abysmal failure. That place was so poorly planned and lamely executed, it’s just stunning that Disney & the NBA thought this idea could possibly succeed.
    They now have a huge brand new building to find a use for. It’ll be very interesting to see if they can make it work for something new without major modifications.

    1. Actually, the building housed Disney Quest before the NBA Experience so it’s not a new building at all. They need to turn it into something that is fun for everyone instead of something that caters to a specific fan base.

      1. Yes it is a new building. They bulldozed the original Disney Quest and built a brand new thing for an indoor basketball court.

      2. Actually they DID demolish the old Disney Quest building and constructed a new one, so with all due respect, you’re wrong :)

      3. ACKSHUALLY, Disney DID tear down the entire DisneyQuest building and rebuilt a brand new building for NBA experience. The old building was known for being damp and musty.

  6. It’s sad because had they kept DQ, it would have probably reopened by now. I know it was indoors with lots of touching, but similar things have reopened already at WDW.

  7. Lol shocking. It didn’t work at Universal so what made them think it would work at Disney. The NBA is a bunch of whiny ass punks who think they are important.

    1. NBA is not the game I played growing up. I never played with anyone who could dunk. Half the points scored now are dunks. The WNBA is closer to my playground game.

  8. What a gigantic waste of money. I predicted it wouldn’t last more than five years but no one could’ve predicted this sort of run. Pandemic aside, it is unprecedented. I don’t know why anyone thought a gigantic building themed to the NBA would be a hit. The NBA is at its lowest popularity ever right now.

    1. Its not going to re-open because of the reason Disney does anything….Not a moneymaker and too much space is taken up for that…I love Disney and go 2 to 3x a year but if it doesn’t make money or build out the brand, its not going to last long.

  9. Big surprise. I love Disney and while I’m sure this was partly pandemic related, the NBA Experience seemed like such a disconnect from the rest of Disney.

  10. I mean it wasn’t a great replacement to DisneyQuest in the first place.

    IMO, just rent it out to Dave & Busters or UrbanAir and let them do their thing. It might be for the best.

    1. That’s actually not a bad idea. Either that or a GameTime would be a fun place to hang out with the kids especially during the hottest part of the day, and would fit into that type of space. Their other locations always seem to do quite well.

  11. it’s almost like it was a bad idea to close disneyquest to replace it with stuff that appeals to 10 percent of the population… good call disney

  12. Awesome! It was a completely ridiculous plan that they bulldozed Disney Quest for. My kids loved Disney Quest. I take this as vengeance from Disney Quest.

  13. Bring back Disney Quest!!! At least that lasted more than 4 years and probably made Disney a ton more money than the NBA Experience ever could.

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