RUMOR: Original ‘Ohana Menu to Return This Week at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

The fan-favorite restaurant ‘Ohana reopened last month at Disney’s Polynesian Village with several disappointing menu changes. While Disney listened to fan outcries and brought back the famous ‘Ohana noodles, they introduced an unpalatable shrimp casserole and eliminated skewers.

This week, the original menu is reportedly set to return. The shrimp casserole will disappear, and the skewers will return. It’s possible that Disney listened to guests’ responses over the menu changes again, but no matter the cause, we would be happy to see the original menu again.

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Would you be excited to see the return of the original menu at ‘Ohana? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Is there a trick to getting Obama reservations? Have logged in every morning just before 6am and as soon as Obama comes available there is nothing open for the newest day on the calendar. Any help would be great! Thank you.

    1. Constant vigilance throughout the day. People cancel at any old time so opportunities sometimes pop up randomly. I find that something usually opens up the night before as people hit the 24hour cancelation window.

    2. I suggest you try to book it for later in your vacation if you are staying onsite. Trying to book for day 1 at the 60 day mark is tough. Also, there is an issue with the app/website. When you search, search a specific time. Not dinner or breakfast, but a specific time. I have found that by grabbing ANY time for that day, I was able to modify my reservations for a much preferred time. I did this with just about all my reservations for my trip. Believe me it works..

  2. I have a dinner reservation in September that I was thinking of cancelling because of the menu. If they bring back the original menu, I wont be considering cancelling it any more!

  3. If they bring back the ORIGINAL Ohana menú the exact way it was before, then I’m booking my trip for the fall as planned! Seriously, their new menú was the biggest mistake that disney made throughout this pandemic. Please have this rumor be true!!!

  4. I’m so very glad to hear the skewers are going to return! The shrimp casserole was yucky! And my teenager would not even touch the shrimp since it was mixed in. He loves shrimp but definitely doesn’t like any casseroles! Looking forward to the fabulous food that we have missed so much!

  5. I was prepared to never visit Ohana again without the shrimp skewers. Now bring back the Coconut Ball and all will be well.

  6. Someone had to rediscover that making the shrimp skewers was easier and overall cheaper than the casserole thing when you factor manpower to prep. I’m sure someone was looking at the costs of the food and cooking when they opened and thought now was a good time to try some changes.

  7. Oh I hope this is true, we arrive in WDW tomorrow afternoon and have dinner planned at Ohana’s on Saturday evening. Curious as to your source as I do not want to be disappointed.

  8. yea disney has ruined many places , ohana, trails end, cape may, all have bad reviews , people dont mind spending money, just give them good food, great service, and a good experience like they did pre covid.

  9. I hope they bring it back. I went in July on my birthday and was extremely disappointed. Some food I had to spit out. I don’t think I’ve done anything like that since I was a child.

    We want the entire menu back including the bread and the peanut sauce.

  10. If they bring back the original full menu, WITH PEANUT SAUCE then I won’t cancel my reservations (yes I have more than one). Otherwise, won’t go back.

  11. So some people are going to plan or cancel a trip to Disney based on one restaurants menu? Alrighty.

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