PHOTOS: Construction Zooms Along for Walt Disney World Railroad Tunnel Near TRON Lightcycle Run

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Progress is moving along quickly on the new metal structure near TRON Lightcycle Run in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. The mysterious structure has been rising over the last couple of weeks, and we have been keeping an eye on it ever since. It has been suggested that this structure could support a tunnel for the Walt Disney World Railroad, which had its route modified to accommodate the attraction’s construction. It now seems likely that this is the case, with another new support wall going up past the building that would allow for this. Let’s take a closer look at where it stands as of today.


From the Storybook Circus side, we can see just how large the structure is next to the lighted canopy and the show building.


The track and other predominantly finished elements are covered to protect them while construction continues elsewhere on the site, but Florida’s weather is not kind to these protective coverings.


Mesh is currently tied onto the top of the canopy structure as more material is added.


Rebar is laid for a new cement wall to be installed around the base of the support columns.


More of this type of curved cement wall can be seen elsewhere on the site. The curved walls are very large and lead directly to the new metal structure. This is likely the new path the railroad will take, passing just underneath the edge of the illuminated canopy and heading for the metal structure that will become a tunnel.


On the Tomorrowland side of the site, we see a curved arch over a walkway leading into the show building. A second walkway eschews from the building below. These are likely the entrance and exit areas for the ride, currently made safe for workers with wooden supports and handrails to be replaced later in the construction process.


More netting installation and maintenance continues as well, seen here at the top of the canopy where the coaster trains will enter the show building.


Are you excited to enter The Grid when TRON Lightcycle / Run opens? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I so excited for the Tron: Lightcycle Run at the Magic Kingdom. Including the Walt Disney World Train goes through the Tron: Lightcycle Run. Awesome!

  2. The “structure” is part of the elevator system since guest will have to take stairs to cross over the train tracks to get to the ride. They will need an elevator for those who are in a wheelchair/etc to accommodate.

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