PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disneyland 11/2/21 (Entrance Refurbishment, Hiro Returns to Dreaming Up!, Some Physical Distancing Markers Removed, & More!)

Tokyo Disneyland is experiencing quite the revival as the parks come alive from the return of entertainment and longer hours, so naturally we visited this week to take in the latest addition—the return of nighttime parades! But there of course were plenty of other things to talk about, so let’s take a loop around the park and see what’s new.


The entrance cupola on the walkway from JR Maihama Station is currently undergoing some rather extensive refurbishment. This is well overdue, as signs of rusting and peeling paint were beginning to show in some areas.


There’s lighting and security cameras installed in the tunnel, so this work may go on for a while.


Some other areas along the path’s descent into Tokyo Disneyland are also covered in scaffolds.


Inside the park, the Mickey floral is still the orange and white design that the park used for Halloween this year. Christmas begins next week, so we expect to see this changed when we make it to Tokyo Disneyland next.


Since we’re in a seasonal transition period, there’s also no banners up around the welcome sign.


A few weeks ago, we shared that a mobile battery rental service would begin at Tokyo Disney Resort in collaboration with ChargeSPOT. These stations came online last week, and have proven to be fairly popular.


Planters are up around the Grand Emporium side of Main Street in World Bazaar for some well-overdue pavement work.


Planters are also up around the area that normally serves as handicap seating for parade viewing.


Thanks to the return of longer hours, the Omnibus has also resumed its scenic journeys around the park’s hub!


The central garden in front of Cinderella Castle is still filled with oranges, purples, and even some more dead-looking plants that fit the Halloween aesthetic. We can expect to see this change soon as well.


Fortunately the Mickey florals are not going anywhere!


The Mickey & Friends Castle Greeting is taking its (likely) final bow next Monday. If you feel nostalgic for the early days of COVID procedures at the park, you can watch our YouTube recording from last year.


The perennial Chocolate Churro has once more returned to Tokyo Disneyland, although why bother when Tokyo DisneySea has the amazing Chocolate Fondant Churro for the 20th Anniversary celebration?


With capacity increased over 10,000 Guests for the first time since April, a number of shops are reopening (albeit with still shortened operating hours).


One of the Westernland vending machines was taking a bit of a break today, leading to a short line at the adjacent machine for a while.


Frontier Woodcraft, home to custom-made souvenirs, has also returned from its six month slumber.


Guests can also enjoy turkey legs once more with Cowboy Cookhouse finally reopened.


Also returning is Tom Sawyer Island, which had remained closed since February 2020! Guests can finally roam the themed playground once more after nearly two years.


New vending machines across from the Mark Twain Riverboat dock have been installed with a similar colonial architectural style.


Sadly, Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare is not haunting the holiday season this year, we can only hope that it finally returns next autumn.


Some repainting is underway at Alice’s Tea Party, although the attraction is fortunately remaining in operation during this work.


Fantasy Springs construction remains highly visible from inside Tokyo Disneyland, especially within Toontown.


What else remains in Toontown? The downtown Toontown area, which is currently being reworked into the El Capitoon Theater for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Toontown’s mirrored sister in Disneyland Park.


Although changes have been promised for Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin at Disneyland as well, no such changes have been announced for the Tokyo Disneyland version.


The weather was too nice in the morning to not snap a shot of the Beast’s Castle!


Physical distancing markers have been removed and all signs washed away from the first portion of the queue for Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast.


After the preshow, however, plexiglass and physical distancing markers remain in place for the moment.


Across the street at Le Petit Popper, the new orange chocolate-flavored popcorn made its debut this week. We had the chance to try it, and it was absolutely delicious!


In Tomorrowland, Guests can also pick up the other new addition this week—a Monsters, Inc.-themed popcorn bucket!


Previously absent when Dreaming Up! returned to the streets of Tokyo Disneyland in April, Hiro has finally retaken his place atop Baymax in the Big Hero 6 unit of the parade.


And later in the day, the Oriental Land Company’s professional film crew was spotted setting up for the evening’s performance of Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: DreamLights. We also filmed the parade, which you can watch on our YouTube channel.

That’s the latest news from Tokyo Disneyland! It’s always lovely to visit the park and see it without its seasonal accoutrements, but we’re still ready for the holidays to begin next week. What was your favorite part of our journey? Let us know in the comments below!

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