Beloved Innoventions Area and Original ‘The Land’ Pavilion Background Music Loops Retired for Singular ‘Spotify Playlist’ at EPCOT

The latest chapter of EPCOT’s ongoing “re-imagining” has arrived around World Nature, as the new park entrance music can be heard in the area.


Previously, the old Innoventions area music from 1994 could still be heard here, before it was replaced by holiday music for the 2021 EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays. You can hear what is perhaps the most beloved background music in Disney Parks history below:


Additionally, the new loop plays at the entrance of The Land, replacing a loop featuring attraction-specific music that has played since the building opened in 1982.

Currently, Imagination! has kept its music loop, though the new music picks up just outside the entrance to Journey into Imagination with Figment. The Seas with Nemo and Friends exterior loop from 2006 remains as well.

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The new score doesn’t feature music from the park’s attractions, instead going for licensed music with an inspirational motif. Having broken with a nearly 40-year tradition of original music created for the park, critics of the new loop have called it a “Spotify playlist.” Love it or hate it, changes have come to EPCOT.

Listen to a sample of the loop below.

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  1. Once again, in the name of “progress”, Disney breaks something that was not broken. The prior EPCOT music loops were unique compositions imbued with the great history, exuberance, and timeless spirit of the heyday of EPCOT. EPCOT’s unique, attraction derived music loops, were a quintessential element of the guest experience that was fondly remembered and relished every time one was in the park. Another dark day in Disney history, but ultimately management has no connection to the parks so they could care less.

  2. The singular Spotify playlist could be thoroughly retired all throughout EPCOT in 2023 as soon as the new score gets introduced

  3. Class act, Walt Disney World. Let’s strip any identity from the parks and make them unremarkable, overpriced trash.

    Have they fired Bob Paycheck yet?

  4. They changed DHS to focus on streaming web cartoons and living your own adventure in Star Wars movies you hate instead of the glory years of Hollywood. How long until Spaceship Earth becomes the history of Disney princesses? Epcot is like the mall in most cities all the fancy anchor tenets like Imagination, Horizons and World of Motion have moved out or been shut down

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