Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Eric Idle, Nigel Channing from Journey Into Imagination, Jokes About Capitalizing on Figment Popcorn Bucket Frenzy

Eric Idle, who portrays Dr. Nigel Channing in Journey to Imagination with Figment at EPCOT, recently commented on Twitter about the current popcorn bucket craze.

Idle, who famously did not remember filming his role for the ride and has never ridden it, responded to another user on Twitter about the idea of an Eric Idle popcorn bucket.

“Hm. I’m going to make one,” Idle joked, “Only one. It’ll be a one off. A million and a half dollars.”

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We know he’s just kidding, but we think a popcorn bucket shaped like Dr. Channing’s face on the moon from the end of the ride might be just as popular.

Watch our full ride video of Journey Into Imagination with Figment to see Eric Idle in action below.

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  1. I’d Totally buy a wall sculpture of the Eric Idol face on the moon with a little astronaut Figment figure on it. Probably not a popcorn bucket though… Heck, I’d take a removable/reusable wall decal/sticker of it even. I think that ending scene is hilarious.

  2. He doesnt remember bc like most of us i am sure he would want to orginal ride back. Justice for figment and our imaginations!

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