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PHOTOS: Work Continues on Canopy Roof of TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom

Yesterday, we saw installation finally begin on the canopy roof above TRON Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom. We visited the coaster today to see if there have been any changes.

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Tarps are draped over the entrance to the show building, where a smaller canopy framework has been erected.

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We could see the new canopy pieces from the Monorail as we approached Magic Kingdom.

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The pieces installed so far are staggered across the top of the canopy.

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They each connect two framework poles.

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They’re wrapped in plastic to keep them protected. At least eight have been installed so far, and we saw crew members working on them this morning.

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The temporary blue netting remains in place for crew members to walk on.

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Vertebrae pieces now line most of the edge of the framework.

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The vertebrae pieces will hold paneling in place, as seen on this side of the framework.

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Scaffolding remains around and beneath the coaster’s entrance into the show building.

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We saw crew members working on the vertebrae pieces on the underside of the canopy.

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Crews were back on the walkway, working on the edge where a concrete lip has been created.

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No canopy roof pieces have been installed on the smaller framework at the entrance.

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A crew member in a scissor lift was working at the connection point between two archway pieces.

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From Storybook Circus, we could see more crew members working on a higher-up point of the walkway.

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There is currently no announced opening date for TRON Lightcycle / Run.

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