California to Lift Statewide Indoor Mask Mandate for Vaccinated Individuals Starting February 15

California officials have announced that the state’s indoor mask mandate will be lifted for vaccinated individuals starting February 15, according to the Los Angeles Times.


Per the Los Angeles Times, The mandate lift will apply to counties without their own mandates, such as Orange County, home to the Disneyland Resort. Disney has not announced any policy changes as of yet. Masks have been required indoors at the Disneyland Resort since July 2021.

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Los Angeles County, home to Universal Studios Hollywood, and most of the San Francisco Bay will continue to have a mask mandate and other restrictions until further notice. Face coverings will still be required indoors for the unvaccinated as well as in certain settings like public transport and within nursing homes and hospitals.

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  1. I love how all of these mandates continue to choose to ignore science. First, the masks almost everyone wears don’t work, even the CDC now admits that. But these locations that have mask mandates don’t bother to enforce the right type of masks (that still provide minimal protection from the virus, and even then, only for a limited time), so the mask mandates are essentially completely useless and only for show. But on top of that, only requiring unvaccinated to mask up is once again, ignoring science. There is no known difference between the likelihood of someone spreading the virus whether they have been jabbed or not. This is simply a way for the unvaccinated to continue to be separated and punished for exercising their free will.

    1. Greg, you are spot on. More and more people are beginning to see this for what is truly is – an overreach and test of compliance. I will not step foot onto Disney property nor give them a dime of my money until the masks are gone.

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