Madrigal Family in "Encanto"

Disney CEO Bob Chapek Cites ‘Encanto’ as Proof that Streaming is the Future, Fastest Title to Meet 200 Million Hours on Disney+

The latest fan-favorite film, Disney’s “Encanto,” became a worldwide phenomenon just days after it was released on Disney+, and now Disney CEO Bob Chapek is citing the newest film from Disney Animation as proof that “theatrical isn’t the only way.”

You may have heard the popular song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” song from the film that went number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, families are more reluctant to see new films in movie theaters, Disney believes in the power of streaming services. The popularity of streaming services, including Disney+, was evident with the release of “Encanto.” It was the fastest title to reach 200 million viewing hours.

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“Encanto” suffered a poor box office, but within days of its release on Disney+, it began trending worldwide and merchandise sales increased. Chapek also repeatedly referred to “Encanto” as a franchise, though whether he is referencing more content or just including the merchandising remains to be seen.

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  1. It failed in theaters because no one knew about it. A huge Disney fan like me didn’t know about it. There was no marketing done for it

  2. Regardless, there are families and people, including me and my family who still want to see new movies in theaters. I don’t want that experience to disappear.

  3. What the idiot in charge doesnt know is streaming isnt always going to run its like the success of the app etc. He does not care the problems in the news or that encanto made more money in cd and dvd sales and they are sold out in most places! People still want the physical in their hands. They want and enjoy bonus features which make me love encanto more and say we need this as a musical and chapek needs to find the door! Before disney’s dream gets further trashed!

  4. we have seen your vision of the future for everything disney bob the bean counter. and it is quite obvious your future includes your mantra of ” shut up and pay you peones”. tom, quit asking for my internet address because you and yours could care less about any commentary you might receive. have you delved into the realm of who cares what you think or have to say just like bob the beancounter chapek has? are you that afraid of what those you supposed serve have to say about things disney? such a dang shame you have become like those that swear to serve but serve only themselves in order to “make da money”. for shame sir, for shame!

  5. yep bob the beancounter. it is so much the future disney stock keeps on tanking. glad i sold it off at a loss before disney stock under your supposed leadership has become a penny stock! #firebobchapek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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