Per Capita Guest Spending Up 40% at Parks, Disney Attributes to ‘More Favorable Guests’

Disney CFO Christine McCarthy commented during the 2022 Q1 earnings call that the domestic parks have seen a “more favorable guest and ticket mix” after announcing that per capita spending rose to 40% versus Q1 2019, which was pre-pandemic.

Disney credited much of the increase to Genie+ and Lightning Lane, but the “ticket mix” comment may allude to the discontinuation of most Annual Pass sales in addition to fewer longer-length tickets as international tourism has been lower. An oft-repeated opinion in the industry is that Passholders aren’t as profitable on a day-to-day basis as single or multi-day ticketed guests.

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  1. Chapek is an idiot. People are getting out again so they are visiting and spending more. Once they do that the numbers will drop off again. AP holders and DVC owners kept Disney alive when the pandemic hit with their loyalty and their money. Short term this may be a win on paper for all these changes but like everything in business there are ups and downs. What is Disney going to do when they alienate their loyal fan base, AP and DVC and there is a downswing and people are not coming. Those of us who got you through won’t be there.

  2. If sales are no more Disney should retire annual passports completely, that’s not fair some folks get to ride off subsidies from regular ticket guests.

  3. The numbers are inflated to make results look good. Or, most park guests are just sheep and will search for the Disney Experience no matter the cost.

  4. More favorable guests??? No how about WDW jacked up prices so you have to spend more to get the same thing you got 1 year ago.

  5. This has nothing to do with it the fact that it’s up 40% is because nobody’s been able to do anything for the last two years so more people are going out and doing things regardless of what’s going on because we’re all tired of it and would like to enjoy our lives again.

  6. “More favorable” is a strange way of saying “richer”. Of course spending has increased, the prices got higher. Value has not been added to the spending, guests aren’t getting more of anything, just the same service at a steeper price.

  7. well, nice to know that i am not a
    preffered guest” while buying into dvc and going about 3 times per year. might as well say i was very stupid for believing your lies!

  8. Yes, the more favorable guests who have fistfights in the Magic Kingdom. Real family place you got going there.

  9. This increased spending wouldn’t have anything to do with people buying 50th Anniversary merch would it? Many plan to sell said merch on the internet for a profit.

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