BREAKING: New Concept Art Shows Updated EPCOT Reimagining Plans, Festival Center Downgraded to Hall and Plaza

Disney has released new concept art of the reimagining of EPCOT, acknowledging many of the budget cuts that have occurred since the original detailed announcements in 2019.

In the wide aerial view, we can immediately see the difference compared to the previous concept art (pictured below). Most notable is the absence of the festival center featuring a rooftop area. A “downgraded” version including an outdoor stage has replaced it. What is funny is that some of the building matches the shape of the one they demolished for the planned Festival Pavilion.

EPCOT World Celebration concept art

The expected changes to Project Tomorrow and the exit of Spaceship Earth are also missing, seemingly confirming that the more major changes to Spaceship Earth are no longer on the slate. However, a refurbishment of the ride is still expected. Dreamers Point, featuring a statue of Walt Disney, is not visible in the new concept art, but it was included in the layout view shown below.

The gardens may still include the Beer Garden and other areas that were planned for the central zone before, but nothing has been announced at this time.

Here’s a look at the new festival area coming to EPCOT instead of the larger pavilion. These will be named CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza after the former Future World pavilions. CommuniCore Hall was not given detailed concept art but will reportedly be in the structure beside the stage. It will be home to a Mickey & Friends meet and greet area, demo kitchen, mixology bar, gallery space, and more.

The concept art of a central plaza was also updated to reflect the transformation into CommuniCore Plaza. Two long-lasting staples of the area will return: a massive EPCOT logo on the ground and some sort of light-up pavement.

The festival Gardens are depicted to include changing displays such as the one above, which are decorated for the International Festival of the Holidays in this art.

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  1. I actually like this better than that multi-level Festival Center thing. I always thought it would take away from the view of Spaceship Earth from World Showcase, and now with the wonderful light show I think these gardens will reflect that much better.

  2. Management i do know says differently for sse they wont be as extensive. It is still in yellow as much as figment rehab is and has never gone into red. That means its still coming but ? They will rehab the ride vehicles for sure they know its upwards of 10 yrs if not more and tomorrows child will return as the theme weather it will be an international copy no one knows!

  3. As a former cast member this is par for the course. They always say they will do something big and grand and get their stock prices up . Or simply to get people talking about them. But they really never deliver on that promise. Its never the full picture. Galaxies Edge and Star cruiser are the most recent prime examples. Along with Avatar. Its sad to see what wouldve been some of the most impressive architecture come to EPCOT. But like many things promised by Disney its just too good to be true.

  4. The article says: “Disney has released new concept art of the reimagining of EPCOT, acknowledging many of the budget cuts that have occurred since the original detailed announcements in 2019.”

    Exactly how does Ms. Francis know that the changes are directly related to “budget cuts” and not due to the unprecedented increase in construction costs? Does Ms. Francis have access to the estimates from the original design and the current budgets that would qualify her to make such an assessment? Is Ms. Francis aware that the costs to build something three years ago (2019) have grown dramatically in the last two/three years?

    I’d be interested to hear how she came to use that term.

    1. That would be a budget cut. You’re not building that thing you announced you were building because it is too expensive. They’re not building Mary Poppins or the Spaceship Earth refurb at all at the moment, what would you call that?

  5. I am ok with this , Just get it done & add to it over the years to come little by little.
    Just get the park back in order.

  6. We’ll see how this ACTUALLY turns out after the fiscal year end numbers. Also, just bring back the name Future World already, or something catchy like “World Discovery” (to juxtapose World Showcase). The neighborhoods are not catching on, everyone I know still refers to it as Future World.

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