RUMOR: Walt Disney World Planning to Charge Hotel Guests for Daily Housekeeping Services

UPDATE: Disney has reached out to tell us that their recruiter misspoke and there are no plans to charge for daily housekeeping at this time.

When Walt Disney World reopened from the few-month-long COVID-19 closure in 2020, housekeeping services at Disney resort hotels were understandably reduced. According to those recruiting new housekeeping cast members, some hotels may never return to their schedules from pre-pandemic.

As of March 2022, the following resort hotels have resumed their daily or regularly scheduled housekeeping services:

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Disney’s Boardwalk Resort
  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
  • Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort
  • Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts
  • Disney’s Riviera Resort
  • Disney’s Old Key West Resort
  • Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

As you might notice, the above does not include anything below a Deluxe Resort level or Disney Vacation Club Resort.

There is still a shortage of housekeeping cast members and there has been a constant slew of job fairs to try to fill the vacant positions. According to people we spoke to who attended a job fair this weekend, they were told by a Disney recruiter that “Disney is moving towards room service being offered every other day as the standard.” The recruiter went on to state that guests who want the additional, daily housekeeping service could pay to add it. This is something that is already offered to Disney Vacation Club members staying in villa accommodations.

Given the list above, it is assumed that the Deluxe Resort guests will receive daily housekeeping services included with their stay, but again, that is purely speculation at this point based solely on it already having returned to those hotels. Anything below this level would likely be subject to the daily charge.

You may recall that Disney offered a program where guests could decline all housekeeping services and in return receive a Disney Gift Card amounting to $10 a night to use during their trip. Disney already seemed to be heading in this direction pre-pandemic given there was already a shortage of cast to clean rooms, so it would make sense that now they will enact a policy to better fit their situation and cut more costs. We also can not forget that Disney started charging resort guests for parking just a few years ago.

As this is a rumor, nothing has been confirmed at this time beyond what recruiters are telling those applying for housekeeping positions. We will keep you up to date on this developing story as more becomes available.

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    1. This is ridiculous, the cost is already not affordable and many are already taking out loans just to experience what use to be an unbelievable experience. I always wanted to go back to Disney again since I was in the early 90’s. We were treated extraordinary and it was awesome and the way it should be. In 2006 or 2007 was my last visit and service seemed to be taking a dip. This was staying at the Polynesian. I can’t imagine now how things have degraded and now all these expenses that clearly are unacceptable. Is this so customers get the illusion that they can have service that should be equivalent to all just so the company can make up there losses. The CEO needs to bend over and just get a little less on their return and accept that giving is receiving in the long run. I bet Walt would agree. That’s why Disney was DISNEY. Take the greed away and you will see. I think the Dream machine needs an oil change only then can Dreams be made.

    2. People keep paying more and more going to Disney and they’re at capacity every day….so they have no reason to stop

  1. Hmmm, ok, so if you pay deluxe room prices, you get your room cleaned…if you stay anywhere else on property, bring your own cleaning supplies? 😉 Unbelievable that things are so unDisney now. But people are still coming to the Parks, so it’ll never end.

  2. I just don’t get the optics of this (or cancelling Magical Express for that matter). Just charge 10% per night more and say it’s still “included”. Are people willing to pay Deluxe rates really going to turn away because of that given where the prices are?

  3. Ridiculous. The cost of hotel rooms hasn’t gone down despite them paying fewer housekeeping staff, it’s higher than ever. You pay a predetermined rate for your hotel room every day, it’s not like they’re discounting you every other day to compensate for lack of housekeeping service on those days, despite it being far, far cheaper for them to have one guest stay in a room for 6 days than it is for them to have 6 different guests staying in that room for 1 day each.

    I guess folks are going to have to start changing their hotel rooms every day in order to get their money’s worth.

  4. We are officially done with Disney. After our last trip 2 weeks ago we felt that we were Nickle and Dimed on everything. Not the WDW we remembered,was actually thinking of buying a DVC membership recently but after this past trip,forget it! Lots of other great places to visit!

  5. Nickel and dime??? Parking at Boardwalk is a little bit more…..and, now we are being told that the open parking does not have much space–and if the open (daily fee) parking is not available we have to pay for valet parking. We have two trips to WDW in 2022…These will be our swan song to WDW.

  6. If I’m paying five+ grand for a room, the absolute least they can do is run a vaccum, clean the bathroom, add toilet paper and take the trash out. I will cancel the three expensive trips I have booked the second this price hike becomes reality. The daily parking fee with no magical express was bad enough, this is stupid. What exactly is Disney giving guests anymore that makes it worth it to attend? Covid and insane crowds have kept me away long enough that I’m starting to forget. The Disney food blog and All ears and WDW News has been a lifesaver in their videos holding out hope that Disney is still magical and still a great place to be. Their videos of Disney helped us get through lockdown.
    But now, when it actually comes to dealing with new Disney policies and hoops, nevermind the four hour wait on the phone to add or change a reservation? I thought a vacation was supposed to be relaxing? Not stupid stressful.
    Certainly no longer a source of joy and inspiration for all the world.
    Damnit all.

  7. On one hand, I don’t need daily mousekeeping and the less they’re in my room, the happier I am usually. On the other, looking at this potential change as part of a whole – especially in terms of value vs moderate vs deluxe – it is frustrating. This arc of constant bad decisions is eroding the magic. If any entity can afford not to nickel and dime guests, it’s Disney.

  8. Universal for me moving forward. I’m at pop next week and won’t be happy if I don’t get a service. If other off property sites that charge a fraction of the cost can do it why can’t one of the biggest companies in the world get their act together

  9. Hi Tom, love your vlogs.
    There are less and less reasons to stay onsite now and this would be the final nail in the coffin in my opinion. The hotels are overpriced as it is.

  10. What happened to the Disney difference in customer service? What a joke. My last several trips I have stayed off property and I’m very pleased with my decision both for my value proposition and the fact that there are so many luxury properties on or near Disney property that offer far better customer service experiences at a better value.

  11. Disney’s quest to outprice and remove any chance of someone making under $60K a year is coming along nicely I see.

  12. We just stayed 7 nights at French Quarter. We had no housekeeping done whatsoever and no one told us that would be the case. We didn’t even get trash can liners in the cans. I had to go request fresh towels on day 3 and we never got extra TP or trash pickup or anything. Aside from this our stay was excellent and we received exceptional service, outside of the housekeeping.

  13. Disney has been the most loved and enjoyed vacations. Unfortunately now with the new leaders are turning the most wonderful place into money grabbing place you make money on everything and now you don’t want to clean rooms, you have to decide and send in your plans to go on rides. Come on Disney go back to family friendly instead of money mongers

  14. I agree, Walt designed his dream for entertainment for families not to make it hard to visit and have a good time without breaking the bank. It is getting way too expensive for the average income family to go

  15. Don’t they charge enough for the room and parking to be able to afford mousekeeping? This just drives another nail in the coffin for staying on property, in my opinion.

  16. I stayed at DoubleTree at Disney Springs last week it was great. Two-room suite for $150+tax with Early Entry—a no brainer. Already booked to stay at the new Drury opening at Disney Springs next year. The value proposition is too great to pass up until Disney gets their act together. I used to get <$100 night rooms at Coronado in the offseason. I refuse to pay $400 a night.

  17. Fire Chapek now. I am so sick and tired of this guy charging me for everyhing. What’s next, a fee for soap, toilet paper, towels? Hey Bob, how about you fix all of the rides at all of the parks, they’re all breaking down. Chapek’s 3 tiers – charge more, get less, get the guests to work for disney for free on their cellphones – reservations, mobile order, mobile checkout, hotel check in, hotel checkout…

  18. Step 1 Fire Bob
    Step 2 find a replacement
    Step 3 fire the replacement
    Step 4 rinse and repeat till we find someone who cares about doing a good job

  19. During covid, Disney said we would have no maid service. I asked will we get refunded for the lack of housekeeping (like in the past) and the Disney reps said, no. We were also expected to tip the housekeeper who did a covid clean before we came. When we visited in March 2022 at Polynesian, we were delighted to see our beds made when we returned from the parks. For moms, housekeeping is part of the vacation. It gives us a break.

  20. Yeah you plan on going to Disney World you need to bring lots of money. They get you on everything. As if the hotels ain’t pricey enough do you pay for parking your car. Not remember when Disney first opened up parking in their lot was $.50. I went to have breakfast with the kids and it was over $100 I fear to know what it is now. I have an autistic grandchild she had to wait in line like everybody else which they don’t have the ability to do. They used to go in on a different line but not no more. For what they want for one week at Disney do you can travel out of the country and have lots of money left.

  21. We prefer no housekeeping ; just allow us access to fresh towels and leave us alone. We choose no housekeeping every time we’re asked.

  22. We just got back from a stay at AKL and there is in fact NOT daily housekeeping. It’s still every-other-day trash + towel service.

    I see in the update to this article that the rumor about paying for housekeeping isn’t true, however, most of the “Disney is going to start charging for this formerly free service” rumors I’ve seen in the last couple of years have turned out to be true. And all the resort rates, including the occasional discount, are now hugely inflated from prepandemic prices.

    At some point, Disney is going to start losing customers. Just because it’s not happening right now doesn’t mean it won’t in the future.

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