WDW 50th anniversary annual pass

UPDATE: Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Will Have to Show My Disney Experience for Dining and Merchandise Discounts

We have now confirmed the rumor that Walt Disney World Annual Passholders will soon need to show their pass in the My Disney Experience app to prove eligibility for both dining and merchandise discounts.

WDW 50th anniversary annual pass

Currently, Annual Passholders can show their photo ID and physical pass. However, Annual Pass cards no longer have their expiration date printed on the back. As a result, Disney is updating the policy to require guests prove their eligibility exclusively with My Disney Experience instead.

Passholders can find their pass in the app by clicking the three-lined “hamburger” menu, then “Tickets and Passes.” You may need to scroll past the tickets of friends and family who are linked to you to find your own pass. It will show your name, the pass type (such as a Sorcerer Pass), and the expiration date.

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It was rumored Passholders would need to show the app for dining discounts. We have confirmed it will be needed for merchandise discounts too.

How do you feel about Annual Passholders needing to show the My Disney Experience app to prove their discounts? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Been doing this lately so I don’t have to carry my wallet in the parks. A few times, they have asked for my ID too — seems excessive when I’m showing my iPhone logged into my Disney Experience account. So now I have a photo of my DL in the Notes app.

  2. While I agree you should need to show proof there is no reason they cant print a expiration date and even a photo of the passholder on the card. I shouldnt have to pull out my phone constantly at the parks. I am dvc also and they don’t provide a card anymore. We now have to use the mde. I complained to dvc and now will complain to AP. This is ridiculous. My 14 doesnt have ID and cant even use his AP for discounts now. He has been denied several times.

  3. This is not a good thing bc many people do not use the app. It malfunctions, crashes phones and many cannot see it vs the website. Wdw knows this and its not fair to people who do not even use the experience there are many of those too i feel bad but thanks for the heads up N keeping us informed wdwnt!

  4. I better buy a portable phone charger. My phone is often on life support by the end of the day when I go.

  5. Just to make a suggestion for an update to this article. A great way to show all eligible discounts is by loading your ticket to either an Apple or Google pay wallet. This way the info is held on the phone, will remain up to date, and does not require an internet connection to present. A photo ID may still be required, but it tends to be way faster than MDX. Just a thought!

  6. I’ve been saying for years, force everyone to scan their magic band or passholder card at the point of sale (dining or merchandise) to verify discount eligibility. This would also be a way to enforce merchandise limits on those that try to cheat the system for purpose of resale/scalping, and would keep you from sharing your pass with friends to get them a discount. There is definitely incentive there for Disney to do this themselves – seems worth the effort to me. I’m a passholder and I’m all for it.

  7. Why can’t Disney just scan the card. I would think this would help with tracking and merchandise quantities. I never understood if Walmart can scan employees discounts why can’t Disney?

  8. Fyi: I was there today and they said their is no truth to the rumor besides the fact they know not everyone uses the experience and the busted app.

  9. I wonder if this will be required with the parking booth cast members as well. Right now, its so quick & easy to hand them a AP Card & drivers license

  10. A bit confused by this information — my annual pass card IS dated on the back (??)

  11. Surely when they scan the pass it will come up on their system if the pass has expired. Just sounds like Disney need their IT systems to all talk to each other rather than put the onus on the guest. They are quick enough to tell you if you’ve tried to use your lightning lane slot too early!

  12. just more confusion for the “guests’ to try to manipulate through while on vacation. being a dvc member with a flip phone, i cannot even get a straight answer from dvc about our blue card yet. so while on vacation at disney, just act like you are at work with your head stuck in your smartphone all day. enjoy.

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