Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Claims He Warned Disney ‘It Won’t Work Out Well for You’ Over Entering ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Debate

During an interview with conservative podcaster Dave Rubin, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claims when Disney CEO Bob Chapek reached out with concerns over the controversial Parental Rights in Education bill, known by critics as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, he gave a rather ominous warning to not get involved in the debate.

In his interview on The Rubin Report, DeSantis recounted “I though it was a mistake for Disney to get involved and I told them, ‘You shouldn’t get involved it’s not going to work out well for you.”

He also claimed he wasn’t particularly paying attention to this bill until the media controversy began to surround it. “I don’t know why they got involved, I think it was a huge mistake,” he noted.

“I think Disney took it one step further when they took out this incredible statement after they already did all of their virtue signaling and after we’d already signed the bill saying this is somehow a violation of human rights and that they would see that [the bill] was repealed through the Legislature…. I did not take an oath to subcontract out my leadership to some corporation based in Burbank, California.”

Regarding the dissolution of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, he said “They are free [to take a position]. They are not free to force all of us to subsidize their activism, and that’s what they were doing.” He noted additionally “If their company is committed to that view of what’s appropriate to children and parents, as a state we just can’t have a partnership, and so we’re out, and that’s why we took action to dissolve their own government.”

The saga of the bill and Disney began back in March. The Walt Disney Company came under fire after it was discovered they donated to all sponsors of the bill. Disney released a lackluster statement and Chapek later emailed all Disney employees regarding the bill, but did not denounce it. Employees and Cast Members spoke out, and members of Disney Media Entertainment and Distribution released a statement.

Following the denunciation, the relationship between the Florida Governor and CEO Bob Chapek grew adversarial between the two through competing statements. DeSantis first issued a mild and brief statement regarding Chapek’s comments at the shareholder meeting before he slammed Disney for being “too woke” a few days after the initial statement, said he was unlikely to meet Chapek as originally promised, and even signed a bill repealing Disney’s long-standing Reedy Creek Improvement District, which allows Walt Disney World to function as its own government by providing essential services such as fire, emergency, sewage, road construction, and more.

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  1. I think someone should ask Dave to do a follow up interview with both Robert DeSantis and Bob Chapek at the same time and see if he can have the two try and work out these issues.

    1. Problem solving and working out issues is not what our leaders both in corporate and government want. They want division and hatred so they remain powerful.

    2. First of all, it is Ron DeSantis, not Robert. Secondly, never negotiate with terrorists. Disney caused this destruction themselves, and there is nothing more to discuss. Stop getting your news from Tik Tok and CNN, please.

    1. Heard of Free Speech, or are only certain people and companies afforded that luxury. DeSantis is drunk on power.

  2. Sounds like the Governor issued a threat, essentially stating that the state government may potentially punish a person (corporations are people) for their personal beliefs, a first amendment violation.

    1. Disney didn’t see it personal anymore, obviously Disney is trying to impose their beliefs on public . I thought Disney is an entertaining business.

  3. Ron “Disastrous” is trying to kill Florida’s GOLDEN GOOSE! According to a 2019 Oxford Economics study, Disney World had a $75 billion annual economic impact for Central Florida, creates 463,000 jobs, and another $5.8 billion in additional state tax revenue. So who cares if Disney executives publicly criticized any legislation? DeSantis foolishly led his radicalized Republicans into a war with a multinational billion-dollar corporation, a war they cannot win. As more Floridians wakeup to the insanity of DeSantis and the spineless Repubs, all wannabe Trump disciples who cater to his command while rolling over like ingratiated puppies, Disney will be using their influence to fund campaigns against ALL OF THEM. Meanwhile, DeSantis and his blind Republican sheep will be fumbling for legislation to “clarify” what they’ve bungled into with this mess, and they will fail. Don’t be fooled AGAIN by the idiotic ramblings of DeSantis….all the local/state taxpayers will ultimately be bombarded with the cost of governance in this Reedy Creek District….and these government entities won’t function nearly as well as Disney which will lead to obvious decline in the park and surrounding communities. No worries, Disney will guide the voters in sending these pathetic politicians packing before Disney will ever consider using its enormous financial resources to close up shop and relocate…which would likely bankrupt the entire state of Florida. See what happens when you elect dumbasses to run our government? Trump’s a traitor and DeSantis is a first-class moron! It’s going to be so entertaining to watch this Republican train wreck in slow motion.

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