Republican Attempts to Revoke Disneyland & Walt Disney World No-Fly Zones Unlikely to Succeed

Although Congressional Republicans continue to try and strip Disney of their no-fly zones above the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts in place since 2003, their efforts are likely in vain as long as Democrats hold the House of Representatives and the White House, according to one report.

Source: @bioreconstruct on Twitter

According to the Orange County Register, Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas this week tried to file another new bill to revoke these zones, which if passed would direct Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg to remove the Federal Aviation Administration Notices to Airmen, known in the industry as NOTAMs, which bar flights over the resorts in Orlando and Anaheim.

The bill, entitled the Airlines Independent of Restrictions Act, would revoke the no-fly zones around Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and would restrict the government from enacting new no-fly zones without a national security justification. It’s co-sponsored by Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia, Rep. Doug LaMalfa of California, Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, and Rep. Greg Steube of Florida, all Republicans.

In a letter previously sent to Sec. Buttigieg and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi last month, Rep. Nehls claimed “special interests may have hijacked the agency’s mandate, in the sheep’s clothing of national security, for commercial gain.”

The move comes in the wake of Republicans taking aim at Disney following their outspoken opposition to Florida’s controversial Parental Rights in Education bill, more commonly known as “Don’t Say Gay.” Many Republicans and conservative figures have been outspoken in recent months against Disney, including discouraging visits to the Disney parks, holding protests around the parks, and even taking legislative action such as revoking the Reedy Creek Improvement District around Walt Disney World.

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  1. That’s it I am done with this app. I want Disney parks info. Leave the politics out of it. It’s so OBVIOUS how you cater to one side.

    1. As Tom said, they’re just reporting news that is extremely germane to Disney. There’s no tilting one way or another here in the reportage. News can just be news. Any editorializing here is via your own biases.

  2. They absolutely should revoke these TFRs. As an air traffic controller working the airspace, I can say they only serve to protect Disney from the nuisance of aircraft noise. Essentially, they have their own guarantee of privacy for their corporate for-profit activities at the expense of the flying public. There is no “security” reason for the TFRs and, in fact, they do ZERO for security. Disney always wanted to keep aircraft from overflying so they could enjoy their own little private oasis making huge amounts of money while protected by the FAA from noise. No other corporation (including all other theme parks) can keep aircraft from flying over their operations. Disney only enjoys this special treatment because they paid off politicians.

  3. This may be interesting to watch, as mid-terms are later this year and the GOP is expected to balance both the House and Senate in their favor, which could signal more support for this initiative. Disney chose to play politics, so it looks like Republicans are playing back. I personally don’t care what comes out of this either way, but I think this sends a message back to the Disney company.

    1. Disney has played politics for decades, donating to hundreds of candidates of both parties. What’s new in this case is that they spoke out about an issue that a large amount of their employees were vocally against, but happened to now be dealing with an worryingly vindictive party still dominated by an incredibly thin-skinned individual. The politics angle is nothing new, only the pettiness is.

      1. “worryingly vindictive party still dominated by an incredibly thin-skinned individual”?? What does that make Nancy Pelosi – the Virgin Mary? It does not matter if their own employees were for or against the bill, Disney should have stayed in their own lane, I think most people will agree to that. They are now paying the price, regardless of which party is in power. Overstep into government affairs (after playing both sides) and pay the price.

  4. All these repubs attacking a mouse,while at the same time believing and supporting a RAT ! Ha!

  5. I have no idea what has gotten into the Disney Board and CEO to start getting involved directly into political issues. Chepek holds most of the fault for caving into a tiny minority of loud mouths about Disney giving political donations to repubs as they give to both repubs and dems to help promote the interests of the company. He should have just told them “this is the way it is, deal with it” and be done with it. Instead he decided to, IDK, start a political and cultural war with repubs specifically and conservative families in general. What is the win here?

    But Iger started it with filling up Disney with people with agendas. You can believe anything you want, but you keep it to yourself when you are at work. The funny thing is that people who work at Disney have said this is just a small minority, they are just loud. That “protest” at the gates at WDW generated only one employee.

  6. I guess I really do not care what happens to Disney. Actually I hope they go bankrupt and are gone. More worthwhile venues to go to and pay for. As for my opinion.

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