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15-Year-Old Boy Found Carrying a Handgun Between Juice Boxes and Candy Bars at Walt Disney World

A 15-year-old trying to enter Disney’s Animal Kingdom caught the attention of park security and law enforcement this summer.

In a green Gucci backpack containing candy bars and juice boxes, authorities found a stolen gun.

At Walt Disney World, people are regularly in trouble for bringing guns on to Disney property when they don’t have proper concealed weapons licenses. But this case stands out because the teenager from Alabama appears to be among the youngest, if not the youngest, to be caught with a gun on Disney property in recent years, according to past records released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The high school freshman said he had no idea the gun was in the backpack, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s report detailing the June 25 incident.

The boy’s mother said they had been on a Walt Disney World family vacation from Alabama. Before they left for their trip, the boy’s 26-year-old sister gave “what appeared to be an empty green Gucci backpack” for the family to use at the parks. His mother, who also didn’t know about the gun either, had put the juice boxes and snacks in the backpack.

For about two years, the boy’s sister owned a gun — a black handgun with pink on the grip, the boy’s mother said.

The sister’s gun matched the description — a semi-automatic black Lorcin with a pink grip, Model L25 —  of the one found in the backpack at Disney World.

However, that gun, authorities said, was stolen.

Authorities tracked the gun’s owner to a woman from Alabama who said her Lorcin black and pink handgun was stolen from her vehicle on May 23, 2022, about a month earlier.

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The sheriff’s office did not speak with the boy’s sister because the incident report noted the sister was still in Alabama.

Neither the boy, his mother nor his sister had a prior criminal history, according to the sheriff’s report.

The sheriff’s office did not arrest the boy, but he was trespassed from Disney and forced to leave the parks.

Law enforcement filed charges with the state attorney’s office, but as of Thursday, the boy has not been charged with a crime, according to online Orange Circuit Court records.

Because the 15-year-old was not arrested and the fact that he’s a minor, we are not naming him.

The boy’s mother could not be reached for comment when we called Thursday.

Last month and the month before, guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios were discovered with a gun in their bag by security, one which also included twelve rounds of ammunition.

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  1. It seems to me like there is a mole inside Disney corporate that is trying to take down Disney and make it fail also the they need to start at the top at the top and start cleaning house and get new blood in there to turn Disney back around

  2. I know this may sound stupid, and I think I know the answer. The 15 year old was asked to leave (trespassing) and I can guess asked to return, was his mother also asked to not return? Only reason I ask is, one bad decision ruins a beginning, an end or the middle of a vacation for an entire family. Why don’t people understand that it’s not just one person affected for a dumb action, but it’s expenses, time off of work, and so much more that affected when someone chooses “willingly” or even “unknowingly” not to check their baggage before leaving the hotel or the car before they enter the park. I don’t get it. Thanks for sharing the story – Al

  3. Great – Disney is becoming very something else recently..Glad the security caught him and that he was trespassed- I would trespass the whole family by the way – they need to take responsibility for the “boy”

    1. I’m confused by your comment… This story really gave us no definitive information about who brought the gun and why. The story even makes it sound as though the boy and his family were unaware that there was a gun in the bag.

  4. I’m so thankful and grateful for the Sheriff’s office keeping the parks and the other Disney properties safe. Who needs to bring a gun to a Disney property? Idiocracy

  5. And this is just going to continue and get worse until they start prosecuting these people!! Mom didn’t see the gun when she loaded snacks in it? The gun was stolen from a car so receiving stolen property isn’t involved here? And the sister doesn’t even factor in to this because possession is the problem. Mom definitely needs to be arrested and the kid needs to be removed and placed in a detention area for children! These people are lying and nobody cares!! Lastly can we see a picture? Just wondering what race they are since nearly every gun charge at Disneyworld has been about black folks?

  6. How the hell is there no arrest?!? “I didn’t know it was in there” isn’t that the excuse anyone would use? Since it is specifically mentioned that it was a Gucci backpack, I’m guessing these are rich folks, so maybe that explains the no arrest?

  7. Because he didn’t have a proper conceal carry license. Does that mean if I have my permit I can conceal carry??

  8. With hardly more than a slap on the wrist, this will certainly not act as a deterrent for people to bring in weapons to the happiest place on earth.

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