Disneyland Resort Cast Member Reportedly Diagnosed with Monkeypox

The Disneyland Resort has reportedly experienced its first diagnosed case of monkeypox, according to a Cast Member report.

They reported that a Cast Member tested positive for the disease, and posted about their diagnosis on a Cast Member Facebook page. They are reportedly out on medical leave while they are quarantining, while staying connected with resort management. So far, only one Cast Member has claimed to be infected.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, monkeypox can be spread in a number of ways, primarily from prolonged physical contact. Vaccines are currently available for the disease. Typically, those infected with monkeypox recover within two to four weeks without the need for serious medical treatment. Those who test positive are recommended to isolate themselves, avoid sharing objects they’ve touched, and notify close contacts to be tested.

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  1. Uh yeah, is this really a surprise? first of all, if everyone would quit sugar coating what we all know and what WHO says, gay men having sex spread monkeypox predominantly. Disney is loaded with them. this is probably just the first of many, and Disney can try to hide it as much as they want but most actual thinking people are well aware of why it will spread throughout the Disney cast population.

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